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My name is Rene M. Coffee, I am a programmer on the platform. Stripo is a revolutionary editor for email. It's hard to argue with the fact that marketing via email is an effective and powerful result-oriented tool. It's tough to make an impression or entice someone with standard emails. Templates for responsive emails can help you grab a potential customer's interest with an engaging and professional email. It is possible to adapt HTML email templates are used successfully by online marketers to improve the visibility of their products and services online. A template creator that is responsive will give online marketers astonishing results. Stripo is an ideal platform to create responsive email templates, regardless of whether your aim is to boost visibility of your business or increase sales. As a result, you will receive great customer feedback with minimal effort. Stripo is an online editor for email that allows designing adaptive templates. The adaptive template adjusts to the reader's device and is compatible with the computer as well as on the mobile screen. Stripo offers an easy-to-use interface as well as a live chat in the system. You can build AMP email templates (emails that have dynamic content can be sent using Mindbox). The email comes with some nice additional features, such as an interactive timer. You are only able to store the templates for a limited number of days and send a maximum of one trial email per day on the free plan. You can export the received letter to one of the numerous mailing lists (Mailchimp or eSputnik, GetResponse etc.). or create an archive using the ready HTML files and images that can be uploaded wherever. In general, we can declare that email marketing can be a very effective tool for business development. Revitalize your email marketing simply by selecting an adaptable email template builder from the list below. Each of these designers can assist you in achieving your goals and make your marketing plan successful. Make sure you take your time and work to be the best.

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