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Hi, my name is Sendependa verismo. I'm 45 years old. If you are interested in the world of cryptocurrency, but you are not quite familiar with it yet, our platform is especially for you. We've detailed everything you need to do. BitOnFeed is a haven for crypto enthusiasts and provides independent analysis about the crypto market as well as the world of Blockchain technology. Blockchain technology was created a few years back and opened up new possibilities in data exchange. Blockchain is a distributed database that contains details about every transaction made by those who participate in the system. It is organized in a block chain. Each block has a particular amount of transactions. Before a block enters the chain, several events must occur. First, the transaction must be verified. Blockchain transactions are not approved by banks or payment systems like conventional transactions. Instead, they are verified by networks. In general, networks comprise hundreds of thousands, or even millions of machines in the world. After an exchange has been verified, information is sent to the blockchain. It includes the date, time and amount of each participant along with their digital signature. Finally, the block receives an encrypted code for identification as well as the hash of the previous packet added to the chain. After it has been hashed, you can add it to the blockchain. The security of the blockchain. It contains information about the date and timing of the transaction, the encrypted code and its hash from the previous blockchain. The information is forever stored on the blockchain. It cannot be modified or deleted. The secret to the security of the technology is that all users on the network are informed of any modifications. Another factor that keeps the blockchain safe is the complexity of the proof-of-work procedure. Hackers must solve numerous mathematical issues that are shared by nodes and miners to alter the block. This is a challenge. The most important thing is the transparency of the system. Anyone can see information about blocks. That means that transactions are clear. It's nearly impossible to penetrate the network without being detected as there are multiple computers connected at once.

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