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Oooooohhh…. Fuuuuggggg….” the woman started to shudder, on Georged’s hand. Her hips began to twitch as her orgasm approached. The woman’s eyes clenched shut as her pleasure mounted. Mommy! What’s wrong?” Sarah’s face was a mask of confusion and concern. Mommy’s ok….just…. Just give me a second...oooof… almost there…. Just a second baby.” she stuttered, trying to calm her child. And then her hips rocked forward, quick thrusts of her hips as her climax crashed over her, standing in a store, with her daughter beside her, the woman had no idea why it happened, why this incredible pleasure played across her wanton pussy, but it did and she came in a huge orgasm. Her slick pussy juice coated Georges fingers and the front of her yoga pants. Sarah held her mother’s arm and glanced about, embarrassed to see if anyone else in the store had seen her mother have a spontaneous orgasm in the children’s section of the store. Mommy was biting her own lip to keep from screaming out, she was usually a screamer and had to fight hard not to make an even bigger scene.

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