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span class="italic">Thank heavens, Sid thought, tossing the reading material aside to push his way through the women. As he did, the bulge at the front of his pants captured Marie’s gaze...and imagination. Oh...I see...” she quietly said to herself, her eyes glued to Sid’s groin. Wait up, Sid, I want to visit with the doctor,” Trish announced, making sure Sid and everyone else in the place could hear her. Sid’s shoulders sagged, and his slender 125 pound frame slowed until Trish grabbed his arm and pushed him along, following the impish assistant through a pair of swinging doors. In their wake, a baby began to cry, triggering another, and then another until a chorus of babies and toddlers were howling like banshees. “Oh...I don’t need this right now. I really don’t need this right now,” Marie grunted, recognizing the familiar rush of milk to her breasts as the warm, sweet liquid let down and her nipples began to leak. “Damn hormones! This shouldn’t be happening until baby is here.” As it turns out, this was exactly the reason Marie had booked her appointment with Dr. Harjob. Seemingly overnight, she’s turned in a Jersey cow with no relief in sight.

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