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Hello. My name is Sandra T. Alvarez, I'm 25 years old. I am a finance specialist at, an independent online service, is aiming to provide an array of financial options to its users. No matter what credit score you have, we can assist you in making better financial decisions. We will make sure that your money loan experience is simple and quick and without lengthy paperwork. There are a lot of ads on the internet advertising installment money loans that require an approval. Private lenders' activities are not legal and not covered by the law. Many times private lenders are criminals, or even thieves. Once they have secured an apartment or a car as collateral, they give the borrower an installment loan with high interest rates. Threats or intimidation are used, and the collection begins. If you want to take out a loan in installments, it is best to use an accredited financial institution, whose activities are regulated by the law. What exactly is an installment loan? While installment and credit are very similar, they serve fundamentally different functions. They are most common in jewelry and electronic salons, and also networks for home appliances and electronic devices. The purchase price is divided into components. Each month, money is taken from your card in the specified amount. The second is the borrowing of money and direct communication with the bank. The term"installment loans" originated from the people, and were eventually combined. It refers to a short-term loan. As a rule the time frame of financing is one to five months. If a substantial sum is needed the people have the option of borrowing funds from banks. This entails a standard bureaucratic history An employee requests an entire set of documents, including information about official employment, salary amount, the period at the last place of work; also to be approved, it is necessary to provide the pledged property or guarantor. The process of consideration of the application is delayed for several days. A bank-lender will not lend to people with bad credit histories and open delinquencies, as well as other financial problems. Unfortunately there are a few applicants with perfect credit histories and this makes it difficult to get a loan from a bank. There is an option for such people: You can make an online application for an installment loan on your credit card, with a few requirements and more humane terms. For those who only require only a small amount for a brief period it is best to pay in installments online with a card from microcredit organizations. This service provides these credit terms. To start the application process for loans, click "Apply to borrow". If you need any help - contact our specialists in the chat online or request a callback. We will respond quickly and help you through the process.

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