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As she spoke, she pushed the straps of her petticoat off her shoulders, let it fall down and stepped out of it. I had seen pictures of women in underwear in her clothing catalogue, Mum looked just like them. She was wearing a white bra, corset with suspenders to hold up her stockings and l could just see her white knickers underneath. “Now,” she said, “would you rather look at me or those girls on tv?” You,” l replied as l started wanking my cock. Don’t do that too hard,” she said, “take your time. Would you like to see more?” Yes please,” l replied. She put her hands behind her back, then pushed the straps off her shoulders, holding the bra against her chest. I saw her take a beep breath then take the bra away. The only tits l’d seen up to then had been in magazines and they were all girls younger than my mother so l was shocked to see the difference between their tits and hers. Mum’s tits were quite big but they looked heavy and dropped down whereas the girls in the magazines had tits that stuck out.

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