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Ethan kept this up for several minutes, with Kellie giving words of encouragement to both of them the entire time. Ethan pushed down again and held her there, grunting and telling Kellie, “Any harder is going to hurt her! She doesn’t have to take it all, she’s just too small. It feels great just doing this.” Kellie wasn’t so sure, her sister seemed determined, but they were going to have to try something else to succeed. “Ethan, let her up.”, she ordered. Kristin pulled off Ethan’s cock, gasping for breath and whining to Kellie in disappointment, “Please! He’s still not pushing hard enough! I WANT it to hurt! Tell him to force it down my throat!”. Kellie practically shouted, “Shut the fuck up! We’re going to try a better angle, you cock hungry slut! Now Stand up and bend over in front of him, that’ll give his cock a straight path down your throat. Ethan, quit holding back or I won’t let you fuck my little sister’s tiny virgin pussy after this.” Kristin liked this idea, and was grateful for another chance. As she stood up, Ethan noticed her nipples where hard as rocks, she must really be turned on by choking on his big dick.

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