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Hi, my name is Suzanne W. Terhune. Evening. My top-floor apartment is in the capital city, with windows facing a bustling avenue. The bustle and bustle of the day have gone and the stream of people passing by the window turns into a trickle of solitary passers-by. It's quiet. I climb the stairs to my office. I turn on my computer and walk to my desk. A gentle light on the corner casts unpretentious shadows on the keyboard. My favourite radio station plays jazz. The air, when it is electrified throughout the day, releases the scent of freshly cooked coffee in a copper cup. As trite as it sounds silent, the sound is heard. For most people, the day is done. Some are sitting within the family circle or in a loud beer house with friends, some are smoking, others... A day to the beat of Hard Rock turns into an evening that is reminiscent of Jazz. The evening is transformed into a slow-motion dance that reflects the rhythm and dynamism of each day. This is my time to create, live and be myself. What do we have for today? We're still waiting for a few orders. Okay. Let's come up with a solution together. Now, that's interesting-I'll have to think about it. What do I want to wrap the whole thing up in? Romance? It's not the way every night starts. It's all regular and predictable. It's routine and predictable for certain people, however, others see it as a way to make a living. It could be an art form that is enjoyable with the smell of burning incense on the altar of vanity? And indeed, no matter who you are, regardless of what you write, regardless of what it means to you, you are shaping other people's ideas. You can influence feelings. It is possible to shape your emotions by what you write and how you communicate it. In the next day, you'll be hearing someone talking about soccer in the smoke room. or someone will argue about whether this or the other politician is better or not. It's all because you've presented your thoughts in that manner-all because you believe so. It's your responsibility what you offer to the table. It doesn't really matter what the customer wants to hear from you. If you don't agree with the internal opinion, you will not write in a manner that they'll believe. It's your responsibility! Responsibility? I think it is. I write custom academic writing. Students today are faced with a lot of work, and there's too little time or energy to complete all their assignments. The student exchange is there to help. Here at, you can always count on competent performance, as we have real professionals in the academic field registered.

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