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Our top story this am, a driver sustained major damage to his car today when he ran off the road uptown. Though no one was hurt and no pedestrians were nearby, the extent of the damage is an oddity as the driver hit nothing solid and sustained any injuries either." I was driving along when I lost control, I thought I was going to kill someone when I ran over the sidewalk, but thank god that noone was walking there at that time." Tahir's mouth dropped agape again for the second time in just 10 minutes. What the hell was going on? I was there, huh? He remembered that he had wanted noone to remember that he had been there but it had just been an idle thought. Then of course, there was the fact that he had disappeared in the first place and ended up at the park he had visited last year. This day was getting stranger and stranger. Watching t.v. for an hour his head finally down to a dull ache he fell asleep. The dream he had was the strangest of all, in it he was at the party after taking a drink he had passed out and had been taken to the back of the doctor's house. Once they were there the doctor had undressed him and did a full examination of him and then bathed his entire body in a strange light. After that he had been dressed and taken home by the doctor's young female assisstant and put in his bed. She had undone his pants and pulled his obviously hard cock out of his pants and proceeded to give him a blow job. Licking her lips she looked at him "chto lakomyy kusochek (what a tasty morsel) huh? That was Russian! how in the hell did he know that? Waking with a start he looked around and felt something was different almost as if he was being watched. Reaching out to the feeling, he suddenly saw a woman who was concentrating very hard, he reached out and felt her break her concentration with a worried look on her face as he told her to sleep, and never look at him again with her mind. The woman's eyes grew wide, then suddenly she closed those same blue eyes. Just as she lost consciousness and the vision began to fade he heard someone call out natasha! then it was gone. Tahir wasn't sure but he thought it was the doctor's voice that he heard as she had passed out.

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