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We'll tether the horses and walk back," I suggested and I expertly backed the carriage through a T turn and tethered the team outside the Dragon Inn. The maid was nothing but a limp and bloodied mess when I returned, and his worship Mr Justin Grant the Judge of the Trentham assizes was mounting the steps to the stage , "Observe and observe well one and all," he shouted to the assembled throng, "His Grace Earl Howard told me to apply the law in its full force, and here you see I shirked not my responsibility, and I commend and command that three months hence you shall assemble again to witness the punishment I laid down." He paused for breath, "Note well that when I exercised leniency by refraining from having the wench transported to the antipodes, I was determined that punishment should never the less be carried out and seen to be carried out, and have you seen punishment?" he asked, "Have you?" There was a murmur, "Have you seen that I Judge Grant am a man of my word and all are equal in my courts, that the lowest maid and highest lady can expect equality of treatment?" he demanded. There was a murmur of approval. "That the Lady Catherine received no preference when she abused her trust and stole a trinket, as she called it, one that should cost a servant five years toil?" It hit me like a sledge hammer, the serving wench was the Lady Catherine, all bloodied and beaten.

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