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Hello, my name's Tracy and I'm certified in astrology. I enjoy exploring the spiritual aspect of life and using numerology and tarot to help me understand myself and others. I am passionate about passing on my knowledge to others, with the hopes that it can help improve their lives. I enjoy working with people to help them tap into their intuitions and inner wisdom. My readings are honest, positive, and empowering I'd like to help you envision your future in a positive light! Even though we may be considering something else it is not uncommon to encounter various types of relationships on a daily basis. Every day we define our relationships with our families, ourselves and our parents together with our kids and acquaintances, our relationship with money, and all other aspects of our life. We will guide you through astrological clues so you can understand your connection to everything that surrounds you and learn to build it correctly. Astrology is a parallel between celestial bodies and human interaction with nature. This phenomenon has been studied over many thousands of years. Generations have passed by and the fascination with Astrology has grown and remained. Whatever you are currently thinking about Astrology it is sure that it is going to change after you've gone through the whole article. Astrology is growing in importance despite the media's polarizing opinions. Astrology is becoming more well-known however, there are many people who are skeptical about it. Let's examine some facts regarding Astrology. History. Astrology's long history is among its most striking characteristics. Mesopotamian scientists observed the heavens and studied celestial movements and wrote their findings on clay tablets, which are believed to date back over five millennia! Astrology made its way into Greece after Alexander the Great's defeats and spread across the Greek Empire, India, Egypt as well as old Rome, becoming more structured and less religious, and thus more popular. Astrology is the oldest of sciences. Whether or not Astrology is just fun for you, statistics show that one-third of the globe's population believes in astrology as actual science. For a second, that's two billion people! How to utilize Astrology to lead the life you've dreamed of. No templates and mystique on our platform at

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