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I’ve only cum twice today Mum,” l said, “some days l can wank four or five times.” Mum burst out laughing as she reached for her handbag passing me some tissues. “Well the idea of you fucking me five times in one day is one l will keep in my head,” she laughed. “Use those to wipe your cock.” She took some more tissues and pushed them up between her thighs. We felt the train begin to slow down for the station. We dressed quickly and we’re seated across from each other by the window by the time the train pulled in to the station. We stopped opposite the window to the waiting room, l could see our reflection in the window. I saw the door to the compartment next to ours open and a young couple got out. As they walked past us they both turned to look at us, both bursting out laughing then putting their arms round each other and walking off. Do you think they heard us Mum?” I said. I think they must have,” Mum giggled. She saw the man place his hand on the woman’s bottom as they walked away. “Looks like they can’t wait to get home themselves,” she laughed.

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