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Hello, my name's Tia Bates. I'm an experienced essayist. About a third of students struggle with writing essays, as proven by their practice. While they may have extensive knowledge regarding the subject, a lot of students do not have the right skills for the test. The task of our site while writing an essay is to reveal its content, structural and organizational features. The goal of the introduction is to draw the reader's attention: to ask a stimulating inquiry, and to present the reader with a paradox or contradiction. The introduction must be intriguing to the reader so that he or she cannot resist reading the rest of the text. The essay is a wide-ranging question that allows you to take your time. You are asked to write about your interests or what makes you unique as an individual. It is your opportunity to be unique by focusing on something that defines you. The best essays include a story to tell to let people get to know you. "The basis of your identity" could be your religion or ethnicity, living in a foreign country, an uneasy growing up or special family situation. What is more important than a vivid description of your past is a description of how your experiences have shaped your character, what you value, and the way you live your daily life. If you write about a particular interest or talent ensure that you do not simply describe how you fell into the subject and developed your skills but also consider the way it impacted you to a deep degree. It is important to reveal more than just what you love doing and how great you are at it. The lessons we learn from the obstacles we face can be essential to continue to achieve success. Recall a time you faced an obstacle, setback or challenge. What was the effect on you? What did you learn from it? To answer this question, all the admissions committee would like to learn is how you dealt with the challenge or failure: how it affected you, what positive lessons you gained from it, or the positive lessons you took away from the experience. Perhaps you've established a group to support you. An effective essay can demonstrate that you're the kind of person who will come to learn from your experience and translate it into personal success. It is not a good idea to pick a minor issue, such as failing a test or losing in soccer. Make sure you remember your mistakes or anything it was risky. If you're unable to compose a positive essay do not answer that question. Choose if you need expert help with your papers of any topic or complexity.

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