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I was more than happy to keep delivering this bliss. To keep sucking and nibbling and teasing her. She was such a sexy thing. My pussy clenched. The juices ran down my thighs, dripping from my shaved cunt. Then I abandoned her clit to flick down. My tongue passed my sister's. We both thrust into her pussy, sliding into her cunt together. This wicked thrill ran through me as Sister Nova Victoria gasped out in delight. You both are driving me wild!” she gasped. In the background, Corey moaned out his orgasmic bliss. He must be cumming on the four genies' faces. How hot. “You wicked pair of sisters!” I loved the sounds she made. Our tongues darted through her folds. Then she gasped. Her pussy convulsed. Spasmed. Spicy juices gushed out, bathing my lips. My sister's lips. We both lapped them up as the Arab headmistress shuddered through her bliss. Her big tits heaved above us. They smacked together, rippling with her bountiful flesh. Her voice merged with Corey's moans and the gasps of the others. It was so hot. My pussy burned. I knew the harem would have an afternoon of delights. I kept licking at the nun as she squirmed through her bliss.

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