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Hi, I´m Anna, a Swede and at the moment I am sharing my time between New York City and the little Island Pantelleria, Sicily. My professional work is photography and my passion is cooking and eating. The last years I have also discovered the beauty of growing my own vegetables and fruits. I have followed the farmers and fishermen on this little island with my camera, and it has change my way to look at food and my way to cook. This little paradise island were I'm staying Pantelleria is located 62 miles southwest of Sicily and 37 miles east of the Tunisian coast. It belongs to the province of Trapani in Sicily and is the largest volcanic island of Sicily. It has almost 8000 local residents and is about 9.3 miles long. Pantelleria is famous for their sweet wine Passito di Pantelleria which is made from the Zibibbo grape using the method of raisining the grapes. Pantelleria is also known for their capers (Capperi) that you can find all over the island, and they are usually preserved and ripened in sea salt. In Pantelleria farming and fishing takes a big part of the daily life, and so, of course, eating and cooking is a serious matter. Here people eat and cook what is in season. If it’s artichoke season you eat artichokes with everything during this month, if its peach season, its peaches everyday. I have come to greatly appreciate this way of living. It’s the opposite to the life in the big city, where you can have whatever you want whenever. When in Pantelleria I take the opportunity to cook and eat what was harvested that same day. I am motivated to cook and create recipes with what is fresh and in season at the moment. Buon Appetito / Anna

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Orange Tarte Tatin
Rosemary and goat cheese crostinis
Spaghetti alla puttanesca
Carlo's slow braised pork over rigatoni
Spicy orange chicken
Almond milk
Almond panna cotta with uva passa and orange compote

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