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Jason was hanging with some friends when he got a text from his dad. Need you home for dinner. There’s some stuff your mom and I want to discuss with you and your sister.” Jason knew it was about his parents yearly trip to his dad’s bosses private island. His parents have gone every summer since his dad became a board member for the company about ten years ago. They were usually gone two weeks and Jason and his sister usually stayed with friends. Jason wanted to stay home this time, he was old enough now and Jen wasn’t hard to watch. After dinner was cleaned up their parents asked them to wait in the living room. Their parents took a few minutes to come into the living room and when they did both kids looked shocked. Jason and Jens mom, Amber, was wearing a red see through negligee. Amber was 40 with blonde hair just passed her shoulders and brown eyes. She had a beautiful face. She had big DD tits that sagged a little without support but we’re still pretty firm. She had a slight pudge in her middle but no one would ever say she was even chubby. She had wide hips and a decent size ass with just a little cellulite on it. It always swayed and jiggled a little when she wore anything other than jeans. Both kids also noticed their mom was completely smooth everywhere. Dad was Hank. He’s 42 and his dark hair was receding a little but was very handsome. He wore a short goatee and also had piercing blue eyes. He had a stocky build at 6ft even and about 230 pounds. He had a bit of a beer belly on him but he also had a lot of muscle. Hank was wearing a pair of silk shorts that barely covered the bulge inside.

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