What is
Launched in 2006 as the Web's first food social network and recipe swap, BakeSpace is a grassroots community created by and for people who love to cook, hang out in the kitchen and share their passion for the culinary lifestyle. The site has been described by USA Today as "the closest thing to a Facebook-like food site" and has earned numerous Webby Award honors, including back-to-back nominations for “Best Social Network” in 2009 and 2010 (competing directly against Twitter, Digg and other big corporate sites). Members range from teenagers just beginning to explore the culinary lifestyle to great grandparents who want to share and preserve their treasured family recipes.

What can I do on the site?
On BakeSpace you can:

  • Find, post and swap recipes
  • Build, publish and market your own digital cookbook (online and as an iPad app) using the Cookbook Cafe publishing platform
  • Become/find a kitchen mentor
  • Get inspired and connect with other home cooks from around the world

Who owns BakeSpace? Is the site part of a big corporation?
Unlike the big recipe database sites, BakeSpace was built from the ground-up as a true grassroots community. It was created in 2006 by media producer (and avid baker) Babette Pepaj. Prior to launching BakeSpace, Babette worked for more than a decade producing and directing reality TV programming such as MTV’s "The Real World" and "Road Rules."

What was the inspiration behind BakeSpace?
The inspiration to create a food community came after Babette completed her first cake decorating class and tried to connect online with others who loved to bake. At the time, there weren't any food-themed social networks to connect home cooks in real time. Twitter was just getting started, and Facebook was still just for college kids. So with no tech experience, Babette created the type of online community she herself wanted to join. Less than two months later, was born! Today, it's the largest (and tastiest) independent food social network on the Web. If you want to connect with Babette, you can reach her at babette [at] bakespace [dot] com.

Do I have to be a member to access the site's recipe collection?
No. Visitors can browse/print recipes and browse our "Mentor" section for tips and advice. Membership is required to post, save and swap recipes, join the Mentor program, access member cookbooks, engage in forum conversations and build your own digital cookbook via Cookbook Café.

How much does membership cost?
Nada. Membership is completely free.

Is BakeSpace just a baking site?
Not by a long shot! While we have thousands of great "baking" recipes, we are a true general interest cooking and baking site with more than 50,000 member-submitted recipes -- from BBQ to homemade pet food. If you love food, you’ll find a recipe you love on BakeSpace.

What if I have a special needs diet like gluten-free or vegetarian?
BakeSpace introduced the first customizable online recipe feed called "My Recipe Feed" to filter and send you the latest recipes in the specific categories (e.g., gluten-free or vegetarian) you care about most. Simply go to the "My Kitchen" page and select your favorite categories. Every time you log-in to BakeSpace, you’ll see the newest recipes in those categories, without having to dig through the entire site to find them.


I signed up to join BakeSpace, but I can’t log-in to the site.
No sweat! This usually means you still need to activate your account. We know it's a bit of a hassle, but activation helps us keep spammers out. There are two ways to resolve this problem:

  1. Search your email inbox for "bakespace" and see if you missed our welcome message that contains the validation link. If you find it, click on the link to access the activation page. Click here if you need us to resend the activation email.
  2. Email babette [at] bakespace [dot] com and we’ll investigate

I received the welcome email and clicked on the validation link, but I still get the "no member associated with this account" error message.
This usually happens when you double click on the validation link. If you get this message, simply click on the “Login” link at the top of this page or the “Join” tab in the menu bar, and sign-in as you would if you were a member. You may have to clear your browser cookies in case your error message is cached in your browser. Here’s a great article by wiki on how on how to clear your browser cookies.

What if I forgot my password?
No problem! Go to and click on the "Forgot Your Password?" link above the orange "Login" button. Provide your email address where indicated and you’ll get a new temporary password that you can keep or change as you like. A new temporary password will be sent to you immediately, so go check your email.
If the new temporary password doesn’t work, it’s most likely because the error message has cached (i.e., become stored) in your browser. To resolve this problem, clear your cookies and temp internet files in your browser. Click here to learn how to do that. Also, if you’re copying and pasting your new password into the login box, you may be including an extra space after the password. That extra space can mess things up, so try deleting it or typing in your new password manually. If you still can’t log in, forward your new password email to babette [at] bakespace [dot] com with a message that tells us you’re having trouble. We'll reset your password manually to something easier.

How do I change my account e-mail address and/or password?
In the "My Kitchen" section, click the "Change Password" tab on the left. Simply input your new password and click "change." If you want to change the email address associated with your account, click on the “Account Admin” tab on the left.

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What's the "My Kitchen" page?
The "My Kitchen" page is your starting point each time you login to BakeSpace. It’s where you can upload recipes and photos and get a glimpse of what’s new each day.

How do I edit and customize my profile?
Editing and customizing your BakeSpace profile is easy. Click the “My Kitchen” tab on the menu bar. Once you're on the "My Kitchen" page, click the “Edit My Profile” tab on the left. This will take you to the "Edit Profile" page, where you can enter information in sections titled "About Me," "The Basics," "Food for Thought," "Things I'm Into," "My Photos" and "My Videos." Simply click on the tab for each section and add as much information as you like. When you've finished each section, click save. You can further customize your profile by adding backgrounds, music and of course photos to your "About Me" section.

How do I invite friends to join me on BakeSpace?

Inviting friends and family to join you on BakeSpace is quick and easy, and you'll automatically start swapping recipes once they're in your BakeSpace network.
Go to your "My Kitchen" page and select the "Invite Friends" tab on the left. You can choose from three different invitation messages. Select the one that best fits you're mood - "sweet," "lightly frosted" or "sugar-free." Then type in your friend's e-mail address. You can send an invitation to more than one friend so long as you separate each email address with a comma. Then click the "Invite Friends" button to send your invitation and link to your BakeSpace profile.

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Why should I check out the Mentor Program?
Many BakeSpace members have knowledge and expertise to share, while others can use some help in the kitchen. On the "Mentors" page, you can browse tips by category and connect directly with BakeSpace members who have opted-in to become mentors. The goal is to get inspired, share expertise and get your most pressing questions answered... all while discovering new friends along the way.

How do I become a mentor?

Click on the "Mentor" tab in the menu bar, then select the "Become a Mentor" link in the left margin. From there you can choose your mentor category, add information about yourself and your experience, and include a few tips or morsels of wisdom. Once you join our mentor program, members will be able to message you directly through BakeSpace for help and inspiration.

How do I find a mentor? 

It's easy to find and connect with experienced members on BakeSpace. Simply click the "Mentors" tab in the menu bar. Once on the "Mentors" page you can browse and search by recipe category, cooking method, location and how active they are in the community. To connect with a mentor, click on the orange "send a message" button on the mentor's profile. You can also invite the mentor to join your network of friends.It's easy to find and connect with experienced members on BakeSpace. Simply click the "Mentors" tab in the menu bar. Once on the "Mentors" page you can browse and search by recipe category, cooking method, location and how active they are in the community. To connect with a mentor, click on the orange "send a message" button on the mentor's profile. You can also invite the mentor to join your network of friends.

How do I edit my mentor profile?

Once you become a mentor, go to your "My Kitchen" page and click "Edit Mentor Profile." Keep in mind that you can edit only one category at a time. Once you're finished, click "save" to save your changes.

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How do I invite another BakeSpace member to join my network of friends?

When you're on another member's profile page, click the "Add to Friends" link. We'll send them a message with your profile link. Once they approve your request, you'll start to swap recipes instantly.

If I send a message to another member through the BakeSpace system will he/she see my personal e-mail address?

No, we keep all communication on BakeSpace private. If you send a message to another member within BakeSpace, that member will receive a message in his/her BakeSpace inbox with your account screen name, but not your personal email address.

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How do I post a recipe?
Uploading a recipe to BakeSpace is as easy as making toast. There are two ways to get started.

  1. If you're on either the "My Kitchen" or "Recipes" page, simply click on the "Add a Recipe" tab in the left margin.
  2. If you're in the "Recipes" section, click on the “Add a Recipe” tab on the left.

How do I edit my recipes?

In the "My Kitchen" area, click on the "My Recipes" tab on the left. You'll see a list of all your recipes along with an "edit" link for each. Click "edit" to make changes, and don't forget to save.

Can I make a recipe private?
Sure. Simply mark the recipe "private" when you upload it to BakeSpace. If you already posted a recipe you now want to make private, use the “edit” function to change your recipe from public to private. Private recipes can be added to cookbooks you create with Cookbook Cafe, but they are not searchable on's recipe index.

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Who owns the content I upload to BakeSpace?
You retain ownership of all content you upload to BakeSpace... plain and simple. When you upload a recipe, you agree to have it posted to your BakeSpace profile. You also agree to allow BakeSpace to feature that recipe (with credit to you as the author) on social sites and in any BakeSpace app, blog or newsletter.

Why was a recipe I posted deleted from my account?
We delete content only if it violates one or more of our terms and conditions. Violations may include use of another person's copywrited material, obscene language or imagery, content that is abusive or insulting, and slurs against someone based on age, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, etc. We also reserve the right to delete any content determined to be spam. Spammers often try to use our recipe pages to promote and provide links to their products. Note that if a recipe does not include a list of ingredients and directions, it will likely be deemed as spam and deleted.

What if I want to post a recipe I didn't create?

While a simple list of ingredients can't be copyrighted, recipe directions, descriptions and photos are considered intellectual property, so reposting such information without permission may constitute a copyright violation. Please see our Copyright Policy for more info.
In general, if you alter another person's recipe by adding your own information, it should be okay to post. But if you've done a direct copy-and-paste with no alteration, you should ask the original author for permission before reposting their recipe. Also keep in mind that while many recipe sites and food bloggers appreciate attribution and a link to their original content, don't assume that simply adding a link is a substitute for getting their permission. It's always best to ask first.

I have an original recipe, but I want to use someone else's photo I found on the Web. Is this okay?
When in doubt, leave it out. Photos "borrowed" from another website, cookbook or magazine are copyrighted material. Please review and adhere to our Copyright Policy.

Someone posted my copyrighted recipe or photo on How do I get it removed?
BakeSpace follows strict DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) guidelines. If you believe your copyrighted material has been used on BakeSpace without your permission, please contact babette [at] bakespace [dot] com. We will investigate and do our best to resolve the problem ASAP. BakeSpace members agree to our copyright and liability policy as a condition of membership. and BakeSpace, Inc. are not liable for content uploaded by members.

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What is Cookbook Cafe?
Cookbook Cafe is a do-it-yourself digital publishing platform that enables you to create, market and sell your very own cookbook to the world for profit or fundraising.
What makes Cookbook Cafe truly unique is that once you publish your cookbook, it becomes available as both a Web-based eBook AND an iPad App (that's right, your cookbook can be downloaded and used as a full-fledged app!). Oh... and did we mention it's free to create, publish and market your cookbook?
Cookbook Cafe is an idea whose time has come. After all, why should only big-name chefs get to publish a cookbook and sell it to the world? Our goal for Cookbook Cafe is simple: To democratize cookbook publishing and make it accessible to everyone with great recipes to share. Perhaps best of all, many of the titles you'll find on Cookbook Cafe help support nonprofit organizations that use community cookbooks to help raise funds.
The Cookbook Cafe platform has three components that work together both online and via our iPad app:

  1. An easy-to-use cookbook builder
  2. A Web and iPad App-based cookbook storefront/marketplace
  3. A cookbook reader and searchable recipe archive

Cookbook Builder:
With our easy-to-use cookbook builder, you can publish your own beautifully interactive cookbook as both a web-based eBook and iPad App. The builder also makes it easy to crowdsource recipes and include content from family members, friends and co-workers -- whether they're in the next room or halfway around the globe.
To get started, go to

Cookbook Marketplace:
Once you've created your cookbook, it becomes available for download on the Web (through your very own cookbook profile page and the Cookbook Cafe storefront) AND via the Cookbook Cafe iPad App.
Cookbooks on either web or app-based storefront can be searched by author name, ingredient or category, such as "Nonprofits" and "Best Sellers."
Check out the Cookbook Cafe online storefront at
Check out the Cookbook Cafe iPad App in the App Store

Cookbook Reader:
Cookbook Cafe's online and iPad-based cookbook reader provides a uniquely interactive culinary experience.
Beyond simply allowing you to view the cookbooks you've downloaded, the Cookbook Cafe reader indexes each and every recipe contained in those cookbooks separately, so you can search and easily find recipes in your entire cookbook library, regardless of which specific book they're published in. This means you no longer have to search through cookbooks to find the recipe you're looking for. Don't you wish your traditional printed cookbook library could do this?

Where can I find the Cookbook Cafe iPad App?
It's available for download in the Apple App Store by searching "Cookbook Cafe" or "BakeSpace." Here's a direct link to save you the hassle:

How much does the App cost?
Absolutely nothing... it's free! Anyone who downloads the app to shop for and read cookbooks also has access all our nifty kitchen tools (timers, conversion/substitution tables, etc.). Many cookbooks in the Cookbook Cafe storefront are free to download, and even the paid cookbooks include sample recipes that you can view without making a purchase.

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How do I create a cookbook using Cookbook Cafe?
Creating a cookbook is quick, easy and free. The first step is to create a account (which is also free) by clicking the “Join” button in the menu bar above. Once you’re a member, click on “Cookbook Café” in the menu bar, and select the “Build a Cookbook” tab on the left. Then follow the instructions to name your cookbook, select your cookbook categories, upload photos/video and assign your price. You can then add any recipes you've already uploaded to BakeSpace. If you don’t have any recipes on the site, you'll want to start by uploading the recipes you want to include in your cookbook.

How long does it take for my cookbook to get approved and appear in the storefront?
Our team of editors goes through each new cookbook to ensure it functions properly and adheres to our copyright and content guidelines. Once you create your cookbook and click “publish” you will receive an email acknowledging we’ve received your cookbook. Once the cookbook is approved by our editors (usually in 24 hours), you’ll receive a second email letting you know your cookbook is now in our storefront. Still have questions, please feel free to send us an email requesting an update if you have any questions or concerns regarding the review process. Send your message to babette [at] bakespace [dot] com, and include your BakeSpace username and the name of your cookbook.

I want to start building my cookbook, but I don’t have all my recipes prepared. Should I wait or start today?
Once you start building your cookbook, you can select the "save" option to save your work and return to finish it later. Once you’re finished, click on the “publish” button on the cookbook edit page to let our editors know it's ready to be published. At that point you’ll receive an email with a confirmation that your cookbook is under review for approval. When it's approved, you’ll receive a second email letting you know your cookbook has been published.

Can I get a hard copy of my cookbook?
Nope... but therein lies the beauty.
While we still love our old-school paper cookbooks, Cookbook Cafe's unique digital publishing platform makes it possible for authors to create, market and even distribute their cookbooks for free. Even the least costly on-demand print publishing is expensive (printing on dead trees is pricey, as is shipping, etc.). Plus, if you’re like us you don’t have much room on your shelf for too many more cookbooks. Cookbook Cafe allows you to continue building your recipe collection without taking up a single inch of shelf space.

Does each author retain the rights to his/her cookbook when it's published and downloaded via Cookbook Cafe?
Absolutely... you own the rights to 100% of your content. That said, by using Cookbook Cafe you give us permission to post a link to your cookbook, the cover image and any recipe on our social sites, in our newsletters, apps and blog -- so long as we give you credit and link back to your original cookbook page.

I want to upload recipes for my cookbook, but I don’t want them included in the general recipe index. How can I set this up?
Simply mark your recipe "private" on the "edit recipe" page. Once you're done, you can add private recipes to any cookbook you create. Only folks that download your cookbook will be able to access those recipes.

How much should I charge for my cookbook?
As the author, you set the price for each cookbook you create. You can give it away for free, or sell it for profit/fundraising. Prices may range from $0.99 to $9.99 (in one dollar increments). Whatever you decide, you're the one calling the shots.

Why is it a good idea to publish a free cookbook too?
Creating a free cookbook is a great way to cross promote your paid cookbooks. Every cookbook published has a link back to the writer’s BakeSpace profile and a list of all your cookbooks. Free cookbooks allow you to reach a wider audience and build a fan base.

How much does it cost to create, publish and market a cookbook using Cookbook Cafe?
Nada! It's free to create your cookbook and market it through the Cookbook Cafe storefront (both online and through the iPad app). Your cookbook is digital, which means there's no cost for printing or shipping. The only time you incur a fee (aka split revenue) is when you sell a cookbook. You pay nothing when you give your cookbook away on Cookbook Cafe for free.

How much will I make from each cookbook I sell?
If you sell your cookbook for profit or fundraising you'll split the revenue 50%/50% with BakeSpace and its payment processing partners.
The 50% we keep covers costs related to:

 All payment processing fees
Apple collects 30% of the proceeds from sales made through the cookbook Cafe iPad App, and that fee paid to Apple comes out of BakeSpace's 50%. In addition, BakeSpace pays all credit card processing fees on sales made through the online storefront.
 The cookbook builder and storefront
While the cookbook builder and storefront are both free to use, they weren't free for us to develop. For the team here at BakeSpace, Cookbook Cafe is a labor of love... but even our cookbook-loving app developer doesn't work for free. We also provide nightly backups of all your cookbook data so your collection is safe and protected.
 App store approval and coordination
Every cookbook added to the iPad Cookbook Cafe storefront must first be approved by our friends at Apple. Our team at BakeSpace reviews each cookbook that's submitted to make sure it's fully functional and ready for approval. While we love reading cookbooks filled with great recipes, managing the approval process takes serious time.
It's a deal that's hard to beat... If you wanted to create a cookbook iPad app on your own you'd wind up spending some serious cash on app development and design. You'd also have to establish an Apple Developer Account and learn the ins-and-outs of the app approval process. Finally, you'd have to find a way to market and sell your app without the benefit of an established cookbook marketplace. The team here at Cookbook Cafe is proud to offer a first-of-its-kind all-inclusive publishing solution to help home chefs create, market and sell their cookbooks to the world!

How do I track my cookbook sales?
As the author, you have access to an online dashboard with up-to-the-minute download, sales and payment processing information for each cookbook you publish. You can access your personalized dashboard via the "Account Admin" tab on the "My Kitchen" page.

When and how often do authors get paid?
All author accounts are reviewed on the first of each month. Authors who reach a minimum of $25 in sales during the previous month (or since their last payment) will be sent a check within 30 days (delivery times may vary based on recipient's location). Checks are issued in U.S. Dollars. Authors can access their account information, sales data and payment status anytime via the Cookbook Cafe author dashboard. Other payment options may be possible upon request.

What information is required to process payment?
Authors need to supply their full name, mailing address and social security number or EIN (Employer Tax ID Number) for tax purposes. We cannot send payment without this information.

What's the best way to promote my cookbook?

Use the share buttons on your online cookbook profile page to post it on Twitter, Facebook and any other social site you like. Also send an email to your friends and family members with a link to your cookbook page, as well as the link to download the Cookbook Cafe iPad app ( Once they download the app, those with an iPad can find your cookbook in the Cookbook Cafe app storefront, and anyone with web access can find your cookbook via the Cookbook Cafe online storefront.
 Use the Cookbook Cafe widget!
Each cookbook profile web page has its own widget that you can embed on your website or blog. Simply embed the HTML code. The widget will showcase your cookbook and three recipe titles.

What's the best image size for my cookbook cover?
Cookbook covers look best when they're 294 x 209 pixels (more wide than tall – think of the shape of your wide-screen TV). The best covers usually include some sort of branding or images that provide insight into the recipes inside. If you need some cover inspiration, download our app or check out a few of the cookbooks in the online storefront

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What makes building a library with Cookbook Café different from collecting run-of-the-mill eBooks or online cookbooks?
All of the recipes in each cookbook you download on Cookbook Cafe are indexed individually by title, ingredient, author and other searchable criteria. This means you'll never have to search your downloaded cookbooks to find the recipe you're looking for. Most ebooks don’t have a search component making finding a recipe inside the ebook when you need it virtually impossible.

How much does it cost to download a cookbook?
Cookbook prices are set by each author. Many are free, and the rest range in price from $0.99 to $9.99. Many of the cookbooks that aren't free have been published by nonprofit organizations to assist their fundraising efforts. So the proceeds go to help a worthy cause.

Why should I register with BakeSpace if I plan to only access cookbooks using the iPad app?
While you don’t have to join BakeSpace to access cookbooks purchased via the iPad app, membership allows you to also access all of your downloaded cookbooks online at This can be handy if you ever want any of the recipes and you don’t have access to your iPad.
If you decide to register later, all the cookbooks you've downloaded using the app will also be added to your online account.

Can I use the Web to access the cookbooks I've downloaded, or do I have to use an iPad?
Absolutely! You can access cookbooks you've downloaded via both the Web and the iPad App. Simply login to, select the “My Kitchen” tab and click on the “My Cookbooks" button on the left.

How do I download a cookbook?
Simply click on the "Free" or “Buy" button under the image of the cookbook you want to download. This process is the same whether you're using the web-based or iPad App storefront. (if you're using the online storefront, you must be logged-in to in order to buy a cookbook and access/search your downloaded recipes)

How do I know if a cookbook publisher listed as a "nonprofit organization" is legit?
Each publisher that claims to be a nonprofit organization is required provide its nonprofit tax ID number. We review each account carefully to make sure everything checks out. In addition, most legitimate nonprofits share links to their website and accounts on major social media sites, so you’ll be able to read more about their organization.

What if I get a new iPad? Do I have to reinstall all the cookbooks I downloaded using the app?
Another benefit of joining BakeSpace is that when you're a member, all of the cookbooks you’ve downloaded are saved in your account. This means you can simply download the app and login to your account on your new iPad -- all your cookbooks will be waiting for you. Before upgrading to a new ipad, please consider registering with BakeSpace to make your transition smoother.


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