A Few of My Favorite Things Part 2

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Hello fellow Bakespacers, my name is Manouschka and you may know me on the site as “singleserving.”  I’m also proud author of the blog Single Serving, and will soon co-star in a new Food Network series.

I’ll be chiming in here from time to time with my favorite kitchen finds, as well an  occasional reference to non-kitchen items that any sexy gal can use to accessorize herself to be the perfect garnish for the dishes she’s whipping up… and no worries boys, you will enjoy these too.


Do not, I repeat… do NOT buy anything for your kitchen until you check out Ross, Tuesday Morning, Marshall’s and TJ Maxx. And if you got a bonus or somehow found some extra cash, swing by HomeGoods, and make it your first stop!

Over the holiday break, I bought a bunch of great cookbooks at bargain basement prices! For example, I got Martha Stewart’s $45 “Cooking School Book” for just $9.99! I later went to Sur La Table and saw it at the register for FULL price!!!

I also bought Martha’s $37.50 “Martha Stewart Living Christmas Cookbook” for just $5.49, which is at Crate & Barrel for FULL price. These two great books, along with many others by Tyler Florence, Paula Deen, etc, are available at super-low prices at both Ross & Marshalls.

I also expanded my ridiculous 90-plus Le Creuset collection at Tuesday Morning & Marshalls. I got $20 pinch bowls for $4.99, and $15 spatulas for $5.99 and under — all in my signature pastel colors and hot pink.

Then there were all sorts of KitchenAid gadgets for $4.99 & under, as well as the cutest melamine stackable mixing bowls in “Passionate Pink” by Blinq for just $8.99. I even took home a Cotton Candy Machine for $13.99.

But wait… there’s more. I also expanded my gourmet spice, salt & baking goods collection at ridonkulously low prices. Then I got the $20 Herbes de Provence pot popular at Sur La Table and Williams Sonoma for just $8.99!!! I got a retro electronic fondue machine for $14.99 at Ross. AND for the piece de resistance… at Marshalls, I got a $700 pair of Disco Barbie Purple Pee Your Pants Prada Stilettos for a smack your Mammy in her face… $149.99!!!

Anyplace I can get top of the line cookbooks, spices, Hello Kitty panties, electronics, cupcake sprinkles, damask flocked wrapping paper, thank you cards, monogrammed napkins AND couture for 60-90% off is MY kind of spot!!! So why are you STILL here reading… GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


I REFUSE to cook anything without it! I even named each of my pots after a screen legend of the Golden Era. I keep a pot in my trunk because you never know when you’ll have to kiss & cook. For perfectly even, flavorful food there is no better tool to have, and I simply adore how incredibly easy they are to clean.

I have showered my family and friends with super cool LC products that I found on my shopping field trips. In the process,  I have collected some of the rarest & greatest pieces around… check out my blog & in the search type in Le Creuset

NOW… I know it may seem like a bit of a splurge to buy such expensive cookware, but look at it more like an investment. And don’t fret if you can’t find a gang of great LC pieces at the stores I mentioned above.  Even if you don’t live anywhere near a Le Creuset Outlet or Signature Store, keep in mind that they ship for FREE on all orders $100 or more. These stores feature the sickest deals – from 25-40% OFF! I got a $199.99 Fig aka Cassis braiser for 40% off… that’s $120 smackeroos!

If the price still ain’t right… I suggest looking into a “previously loved” piece on eBay or Craigslist. I found a 52 year-old Lavender stunner called a Coquelle that I have fittingly named Coco Coquelle (after Coco Chanel), and I have my eye on a couple of vintage pieces, including one that I’m salivating to name Princess Grace… I CAN’T WAIT to get my mittens on another vintage piece!!!


There are few things less appetizing when you’re cooking to impress than having your hands wreak of onions & garlic. That’s why I LOVE this company and jumped for joy when I found a zenfully scented tube at Marshalls for just $2.99. I swear by this stuff – it’s amazing and your hands will feel SO smooth. They have a fantabulous line of products available, from kitchen hand & dish soap to lotions & the cutest little gift sets.

This is just a sampling of some of the things I LOVE! What about you? What are your kitchen must-haves? Post your favorite things in the comments section below.

I’m a savvy single girl, with an affinity for planning quick affordable meals for myself and for throwing lavish dinner parties on a tight budget. My style of cooking is delicious, inexpensive, swift, stylish and figure-friendly.

I’m not a classically trained chef by any means, but a cook who received lessons from my Grandmother Olga (who attended a prestigious French Culinary School in Haiti). Former model and Miss Hawaiian Tropic Miss Caribbean America, I now run my food blog & cooking show Single Serving to help other singles serve up delicious meals whether they are eating alone, entertaining friends or looking to impress someone special.