Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits that Grow Your Social Networks

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This week on Cookbook Cafe Live on Google+ —  Jo Deibel, Founder of Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue and founder Babette Pepaj.

One of the inspirations for creating Cookbook Cafe was to improve how non-profit organizations (schools, hospitals, faith-based institutions, clubs, sports teams, civic groups, etc.) use crowd-sourced cookbooks for fundraising.

In the past, non-profits that created such cookbooks were limited by the cost and complexity of book publishing, marketing and distribution. They were forced to publish cookbooks that were either modest in format or limited to a single technology platform, and their distribution was usually limited to a small network of supporters. Cookbook Cafe eliminates these limitations and changes the nonprofit cookbook publishing model!

Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits that grow your social networks


Jo and Babette will discuss what it was like using Cookbook Cafe’s free DIY cookbook publishing platform, how it has helped their organization grow and of course the recipes in their cookbook – Angel Acres Thanksgiving Cookbook which is a complete Thanksgiving dinner menu!

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A non-profit would simply gather their favorite recipes, upload them to and use the free cookbook publisher to create your cookbook. You can also add video about your organization and links to your website, Facebook page, Pinterest and Twitter accounts to grow your network. Once you click “publish,” your cookbook will be formatted for distribution as a native iPad app and web-based ebook in the Cookbook Cafe storefront. With Cookbook Cafe, you can scale your cookbook fundraising efforts like never before.

OUR SPONSOR: Our chat is sponsored by Cookbook Cafe, the first DIY cookbook publisher and storefront that allows anyone to publish, market and sell their own cookbook as both an ebook and iPad app.

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