5 Finger Foods Your Guests Will Love

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There’s something fun and inherently social about serving finger foods at a party. But most of all, finger foods are great because they’re easy to prepare and easy to share.

Here are a few fun finger food recipes that don’t take all day to make:

  1. Cheesy Medjools: Stuff Medjool dates with a piece of Parmesan, goat or mozzarella cheese. Bake until the cheese begins to melt.
  2. Nacho Bites: Spread nacho chips on a plate and top with grated cheese. Bake until cheese melts. Top with a small dollop of warm beans seasoned with chili powder, along with chopped scallions. Other possible toppings include jalapeños, sour cream, cilantro, tomatoes and olives. I like to serve small bowls of toppings and let guests go wild. This is great when some of your guests like spicy and others don’t.
  3. Popcorn Parmigiana: Make real popcorn, top with melted butter and toss with fresh Parmesan.
  4. Bruschetta: Slice a fresh baguette in ¼ inch slices and broil for a few minutes until golden brown. While the bread is hot, rub garlic infused olive oil on one side. You can also add a bit of hummus. Drizzle chopped tomatoes and parsley on top. For an extra kick add prosciutto or tapenade. Try Cwiech’s Sweet Potato Bruschetta
  5. Spicy Pears: Cut just-ripe pears in 1/2-inch cubes; sprinkle with a little salt, sugar and cayenne. Spear with bacon.

If you have a finger food recipe you’d like to share, please post it below or visit the finger food recipe section on BakeSpace.com.

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