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baking google hangoutbabette and nichelleLove to bake? Join our new live-streaming baking series “Get Baked” (a weekly interactive and live-streaming web series on Google+) brought to you by the founders of BakeSpace.com and Cupcakes Take the Cake.

Every Sunday, we’ll being you a new live show featuring our favorite bakers. Produced via google hangouts, the format of our show allows anyone to ask questions in real time. Once the show starts to air, the video above will start to play. You can chat live with us via this page (leave a comment) or on our G+ event page, on Youtube or  through twitter using #getbaked.

Babette Pepaj   (Founder http://BakeSpace.com)
Nichelle Stephens  (Co-Founder, http://cupcakestakethecake.blogspot.com)

Can’t make the live show? RSVP today and watch the video later! Our shows are archived here and on our youtube channel: http://youtube.com/bakespacetv


  • Episode 001: Red Velvet Debate
  • Episode 002: Baking with Booze
  • Episode 003: Pies
  • Episode 004: Gluten-Free Baking (Mar 22)
  • Episode 005: Chocolate (Mar 29)
  • Episode 006: Cookies Recipes Chat (April 12)
  • Episode 007: Creative Baking Chat (April 19)
  • Episode 008: Bread & Pizza Dough (April 26)
  • Episode 010: Paleo Baking (May 17)
  • Episode 011: Cupcake Recipe Chat (May 31) –RSVP on Google+ 
  • Episode 012: Vegan (June 7) – RSVP on Google+
  • Episode 013: Cake Decorating (June 14) – RSVP on Google+
  • Episode 014: Summer Pies (June 28)
  • Episode 015: Brownies (July 12)
  • Episode 016: Baking Substitutions  (July 19)
  • Episode 017: Baking Fails (July 26)
  • Episode 018: Muffins & Scones (August 2)
  • Episode 019: Tarts (August 9)
  • Episode 020: Baking with Cannabis  (August 16)
  • Episode 021: Frostings (August 23)
  • Episode 022: Savory Pies (August 30)
  • Episode 023: Baking for a Crowd (Potlucks & Parties) (September 13)
  • Episode 024: Sugar-Free Baking (September 20)
  • Episode 025: Halloween Baking Ideas (September 27)


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