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Guest Post by Sabra Chef Colombe Jacobsen

Guest Post by Sabra Chef Colombe Jacobsen

Photo: Sabra Hummus Raviolis

Hummus is traditionally eaten as a dip: something to “dip” or “swoop” with a wedge of pita bread.

But when it comes to Hummus, I like to let creativity run wild. It’s an incredibly versatile food that can be used not only as a dip, but also as a spread or condiment – instead of cheese – or as center stage to a healthy meal.

I’ve created a lot of recipes to share with you on the website so that you can use Hummus in new and exciting ways in your meals. Some of these recipes are excellent for quick entertaining. Others are the perfect snack or meal on the go. Or, you can enjoy them simply as a part of your everyday meals. Discover the never-ending possibilities of Hummus for yourself and enjoy good food with your friends and family.

One of my favorite ways to use Hummus is as a condiment. Rather than using mayonnaise or ketchup, try hummus! Sabra now has smaller serving packs available in stores nationwide, so enjoying hummus on the go is so much easier now. Try Sabra Hummus instead of mayonnaise in a chicken salad, perfect for a picnic or a portable meal. You can spread it on sandwich bread, or offer it on the menu at your next barbecue. Why not slather your burger with some Sabra Hummus?

In some of my recipes you’ll see I like to consider Hummus as a great cheese alternative. It has that creamy, rich consistency of cheese. And, for those with dairy intolerance, it’s the perfect go-to substitute. Check out my recipe for Hummus Raviolis. In this recipe, instead of stuffing the raviolis with cheese, I use my favorite Sabra Hummus variety. When you sauté these raviolis, the outside layer gets crispy and the inside is warm and creamy. Serve these as an elegant finger food for your next party.

For the purist, Hummus will always be a dip. Even when entertaining, I like to keep it healthy and fresh, so I serve Hummus in the middle of a large crudités platter. I get all of my favorite veggies and arrange them on a decorative dish. This is so simple, yet so festive for any gathering and it’s super easy to put together in a pinch. No need to limit yourself to carrots and pita for dipping either. Hummus is a great dip for Chicken, Veggie and Beef skewers.

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By the Sabra Chef Colombe Jacobsen
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Colombe is a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute, where she developed her understanding of the correlation between the food we eat and its effect on the body and mind. With a culinary perspective focused on high quality, fresh, seasonal, and local ingredients, she has always favored Mediterranean cuisine. This has inspired her extensive travel to the traditional coastal cities of France, Spain, and Italy, the vibrant souks of Morocco, and the rustic villages of Turkey. Along the way, she has been influenced by the Mediterranean’s varied offerings of authentic flavors, local produce, and traditional cooking techniques.

Colombe recently appeared on the Food Network in season 3 of “The Next Food Network Star”; she is best remembered for her creatively healthy approach to everyday meals. Named in 2007 as one of Shape Magazines “Woman who Shape the World”, Colombe also coordinates Harvest Time, a non-profit in Harlem that teaches children nutritious, yet practical cooking techniques and recipes.


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