Meet the Authors: Lizz Clements, Author of Summertime Sippers at #CookbookCafe

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Cookbook Cafe TV: Meet the Authors is a series on which features a new cookbook author every week. Join us for a lively discussion with some of our favorite chefs, authors, food bloggers and home cooks.

This week on Cookbook Cafe:

Lizz Clements became vegan in 1998, but didn’t start her Austin-based food blog, lizz delicious, until December 2011. It’s on her charming blog that  she shares her favorite vegan recipes with her readers. We’ll be chatting about how she started her food blog, what gave her the idea for writing a cookbook and three of her favorite recipes from her latest cookbook…  Orangeade, Blackberry Velvet Sangria, and Iced Chai. Yum!

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