Getting Creative with Bread

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Bread can get a bit boring because it’s often viewed simply as a base for sandwiches or for piling on butter and other spreads. But by adding a little fruit, some chocolate and even some marshmallows to your recipe you can take bread making (and eating) to a whole new level.

Try these recipes:

Cherry Bread (Photo) by BakeSpace Member Hendria

Rocky Road Bread by BakeSpace Member Krashed24

Kitchen Tip: Putting Stale Bread to Good Use

Cheese graters can get coated and clogged with a sticky residue from soft cheese, and can become a real chore to clean.

Try rubbing a hard, stale crust of bread (like an end of a baguette) over the clogged and coated grater plate to remove most of the mess. Then scrub with soapy water and a sponge to finish the job.

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