Lemon Pepper Chicken Pizza: New Spin on Pizza

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Most pizza recipes are virtually foolproof, because you can add just about anything to a pizza and odds are it will taste fantastic. But have you ever thought about grilling your next home-made pizza? With the 80 degree weather in LA, it’s a perfect time to try something new. Grilling will give your pizza a delightfully crispy crust and distinctive smoky flavor. The only catch is that grilling will usually cook the crust faster than the topping.

Try this tip for an even grill: Once you have added all the toppings, place a disposable aluminum pie tin upside down atop the pizza. The pie tin will trap the heat and create an oven-like effect so the toppings cook as fast as the crust.

Lemon Pepper Chicken Pizza with a Garlic Olive Oil and Herb Sauce (Photo) by Darrin

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