Next Stop… NYC & the IACP Awards #IACPNYC

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“I’d like to thank the Academy” is something I’ve always wanted to say.

After spending 12 years directing and producing reality TV, I made the transition from TV to tech launching in 2006 as the first food-themed social network. So went my dreams of accepting an award and thanking the Academy.

This year’s IACP (which stands for the International Association of Culinary Professions) rekindled my excitement for awards. Our new publishing platform and app (Cookbook Cafe) was nominated in their “Most Intriguing Use of New Technology” category.  OMG! This is the first year they are presenting ‘new media’ awards so it is an honor to be part of this new batch of digital kitchen and culinary technology companies. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to be heading to NYC this weekend!

I’ll be in NYC (Midtown) for approximately 72 hours — where should I eat??? We’d love some suggestions. Please leave a comment below, send us a tweet (@bakespace)  or post to our facebook page.

Will you be at IACP? If so, join us at booth #125 on Sunday! We will be demoing our platform and you can play with our app!

Not going to be in NYC? Check out our app video!

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