Publish and Sell Your Cookbook as an iPad App and Web-Based eBook With’s Cookbook Cafe

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Now Anyone Can Sell Their Cookbook to the World for Profit or Fundraising

Say hello to’s Cookbook Cafe –  the first do-it-yourself digital publishing platform for grassroots cookbook authors. It enables anyone to create, market and sell their very own cookbook as a native iPad App, as well as an interactive web-based eBook.

With Cookbook Cafe, any home chef, group or nonprofit organization can publish an interactive cookbook as both an iPad app and a web-based ebook. They can then give it away or sell it to the world for profit or fundraising via the Cookbook Cafe storefront.

Cookbook Cafe has three distinct parts:

  • Cookbook Builder: With our easy-to-use cookbook builder, you can publish your own beautifully interactive cookbook as both a web-based eBook and iPad App. The builder also makes it easy to crowdsource recipes and include content from family members, friends and co-workers — whether they’re in the next room or halfway around the globe.
  • Cookbook Marketplace: Once you’ve created your cookbook, it becomes available for download on the Web (through your very own cookbook profile page and the Cookbook Cafe storefront) AND via the Cookbook Cafe iPad App. Cookbooks on either web or app-based storefront can be searched by author name, ingredient or category, directions and types such as “Nonprofits” and “Best Sellers.”
  • Cookbook Reader: Cookbook Cafe’s online and iPad-based cookbook reader provides a uniquely interactive culinary experience.

A Dynamic New Experience for Cookbook Lovers:

Unlike other do-it-yourself publishing services that help authors create traditional ebooks or mobile apps. Cookbook Cafe is free AND not limited by technology platform. It functions across different types of devices, including the iPad and any desktop or mobile web browser.

Beyond simply allowing you to view the cookbooks you’ve downloaded, the Cookbook Cafe patent-pending reader indexes each and every recipe contained in those cookbooks separately, so you can search and easily find recipes in your entire cookbook library, regardless of which specific book they’re published in. This means you no longer have to search through cookbooks to find the recipe you’re looking for. Don’t you wish your traditional printed cookbook library could do this?

Best of all, many of the books you’ll find on Cookbook Cafe help support worthy nonprofit organizations that use community cookbooks to raise funds.

A New World of Possibility for Indie Cookbook Authors:
There’s no cost to create a cookbook and market it in the Cookbook Cafe iPad and Web-based storefronts.

Each author determines his/her own price — from giving a cookbook away for free to selling it for a price ranging from $0.99 to $29.99 (in one dollar increments). Each cookbook is acquired by the end-user as either a free download or in-app purchase on the iPad, or as a simple download or online purchase on the web. collects a commission only when an author sells a book for profit or fundraising. The commission covers all costs, including Apple’s app store transaction fee and credit card processing fees on sales made through the online storefront.


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