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Last Friday I was supposed to be in London sipping wine with 100 food bloggers at Food Blogger Connect, a wonderful food blogger conference created and produced by Bethany Kehdy. I was hoping to hobnob with Celebrity Chef Anjum Anan, Chef John Mitzewich of, my girl Jaden Hair of and super sweet Boston TECHmunch speaker Béatrice Peltre from Even though London was burning, I was still bummed our travel arrangements fell apart quicker than a falling souffle.

I love London and all the great Indian food. When I was in High School, I had a friend who’s family lived in London. Three of us would fly from California to London and then after a few days, we’d split up. I’d go to Germany to be with family. Sacha went to France and Rishika stayed in London. We’d end up meeting up sometime throughout the summer (those were the days!). After three months we’d head home. We saw more of the world at 16 than some folks see in a lifetime. I have always loved Indian food so when I thought I was going to get a chance to try some London Indian food this summer, I jumped at the chance to participate.

Arrrrg! Tickets were $1700 a piece. Bummer! The trip was not in the cards I guess. Because I couldn’t make it to the event, the organizers invited me to share social media tips with attendees via Skype. Yikes! Scary… what if the wifi fails (which it did just before I closed the presentation)? I’ve done presentations in Italy (thanks Bridges to Italy) where few spoke English, but at least I could read the crowd and see their faces.

When the call came in, they quickly panned the room with the laptop so I got a glimpse of the motley crue of food bloggers (that’s a lie; they were very cute). There I was, 8 ft tall on a screen. I wish I would have asked someone to take a picture of it so you could see how scary I looked. But even in the dark, the room was still warm and friendly thanks to the food bloggers who greeted me with smiles and English “hellos.” It was so great ‘virtually’ meeting them.

After the call I went out that day and celebrated ‘surviving’ skype – and had some Indian food (see pictured to the right). Delish. The place is India’s Oven on Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles.

From the thousands of tweets last weekend, it looks like the event was a huge success! They’ve asked us to share our presentations with their attendees – so if you’re curious, here’s the slide show.

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