Fun Super Bowl Food Facts

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When it comes to food, Super Bowl Sunday is a very special day for most home cooks. In the US, the big game results in more parties than New Years Eve, and it ranks second behind Thanksgiving in terms of how much food is consumed. Looking for game day recipes?

But did you know that football and ‘cooking’ have a lot more in common than just the food we eat? They’re both competitive activities that involve lots of strategy and passion. And while most chefs don’t need to wear a helmet or protective padding, cooking can also be intensely physical. Football and cooking also share several words and expressions. Here are a few of the most common:

In the kitchen – Blitzed (adj.) is when you’ve had too much to drink.
On the field – When defensive secondary players rush through the offensive line into the backfield to try to “sack” the quarterback.
Recipe: Blitz Cake

In the kitchen – Bag, especially a large one for carrying or storing goods.
On the field – When defensive players tackle the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage, resulting in a loss of yards for the offense.
Recipe: Ice Cream-in-a-Bag

In the kitchen – A brittle cookie.
On the field – The toss of the ball through the legs of the center to the quarterback, punter, or place kick holder.
Recipe: Pumpkin-Molasses Snaps

In the kitchen – A type of pastry.
On the field – A fumble or an interception which results in the defense gaining possession of the ball.
Recipe: Mini Lamb Turnovers

In the kitchen – To clean using a broom or brush.
On the field – A rushing play in which the ball carrier runs around one end, rather than through the middle of the offensive line.

Superbowl Fun Food Facts:

Pizza: 48 million Americans will opt for delivery food for the big game, and pizza franchises tend to see their sales double on game day. Dominos is looking forward to folks downing 11 million pies during commercials. Try your own Pizza Recipes

Guacamole: Although reports show we eat more vegetables on game day, it’s probably because Americans are also eating enough dip to fill 12 football fields. Guacamole is the reason we use 104.2 million pounds of avocado and 8.2 million pounds of tortilla chips on game day. Get Guacamole Recipes

Snacks: According to the American Snack Food Association, Americans will munch on:

Beer: Americans will guzzle close to 325 million gallons of beer this Sunday. That’s enough to fill an Olympic-sized pool almost 2,000 times. Beer-Infused Recipes

Chicken: It is estimated that Americans will eat 90 million pounds of chicken wings, which breaks down to 450 million individual chicken wings!

Grilling: Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest winter grilling day of the year.

Calories: By the time the games done, the average football fan will have eaten almost 2,000 calories.


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