Eating Las Vegas… One Cupcake at a Time

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If you saw my last article here on our new BakeSpace blog or follow our @BakeSpace twitter feed, then you may know that team BakeSpace was in Vegas last week for the annual CES (Consumer Electronics Show) Conference.

Vegas is a great town for food. While the trip only lasted two days, we did catch some awesome bites and cocktails (there isn’t a photo of my cocktail from Beso, but it is worth the trek to City Center).

Here’s a quick snapshot of our trip taken with my phone.

Feel free to share your thoughts on Vegas in the comments section below. Thanks @DigitalLA for the tickets to the conference!

On the road to Vegas

Thanks @ErikDeutsch for driving all the way! Both ways!

Dinner at midnight (Taco Bell 7 layer burrito)

My interview with Craig Peterson about BakeSpace - Super nice husband & wife team!

Thanks @Craigpeterson!

The food at CES was not that great, but the food on the TVs... awesome!

I really wanted this phone.

Cupcakes at the Kodak Cupcake Meetup - angel food base

Thank you @KodakCB!

Really cool Microsoft Table

Mini cakes at Jean philippe at aria #CES Vegas... If you want some candy, pasteries this place is visually stunning!

Awesome addition to any table.. rainbow sugar at The Peppermill

Ok. this photo does not do the Peppermill nor the Fireside Lounge any justice. Seriously, if you go to Vegas, you have to go to the Fireside Lounge. It’s next to the Riviera and there’s free parking right in front of the place. It’s like a very weird Denny’s, but awesome at the same time. And they shot the film Casino there!

Cupcakes from Retro Bakery (18 miles outside of Vegas, but worth the drive!)

If you go to Retro Bakery… you must order the Butterscotch Cupcake. It is by far one of the best cupcakes I’ve ever tasted. And I’ve tasted a lot.

Kari from Retro Bakery sent me home with these. 🙂

Thank you @Retrobakery!

Frosting Shots! via Retro Bakery

These are definitely the new booze.

Atomic Cocktails Cookbook found at the Atomic Museum (CES Party)

Caesar’s Palace Food Court – all this for $12!

6 LBS BURRITO.. need I say more?

Really cool sushi place at Caesars, but not enough vegetarian options.