Toasting in the New Year

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Another busy holiday season has passed and a new year lies ahead. Many of you are likely feeling the effects of too much great holiday food. Regrettably, I feel the extra pounds around my mid-section and will be limiting myself to a dry toast and tea diet for a few days.

Toast has been on my mind ever since visiting my parents during the holidays. I enjoy old kitchen gadgets and took the opportunity to rummage through their attic in search of long-lost culinary antiques. I came across a box full of goodies, including this pyramid shaped metal object – an early 20th century toaster.

Dried Bread and a Brief History of Toast

It seems odd to think about toast and that it has some history behind it. It’s just dried bread a quick breakfast or bland food for settling an upset stomach.

While the Egyptians mastered baking loaves of risen bread dough 6,000 years ago, toast is attributed to the Romans who dried bread as a means of preservation. The practice spread throughout Europe but it wasn’t until the early 1900s that toasters became widely available.

One of the first non-electric toasters was this triangular shaped model. Placed on a stove or used in conjunction with a campfire, it radiates heat to slices of bread placed on each of its four sides.

The Toaster Museum Foundation provides a detailed history of the toaster and shows how this now common appliance evolved over the last century. While most of us take the humble toaster for granted, there’s no denying that its features and design have come a long way.

In case this newsletter sparks your interest in finding a long-lost toaster from your childhood, keep in mind that Toaster Central sells vintage toasters and has amassed an impressive collection.

Toast Lovers Unite!

Whether I’m slathering it with peanut butter or topping it with a fried egg, a slice of crisp toast  is often one of my go-to quick meals. While I won’t be using antique toaster I found in my parent’s attic, I will be toasting plenty of bread in the year ahead.

And in looking around on BakeSpace and across the Web, it seems I’m not alone. Here are a few unique uses for toast:

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