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Why I Love This Recipe

Before I give the recipe, it’s important to know that the proportions and most of the ingredients are EASILY flexible depending on how much you want to make, your taste preferences, or what you have on hand. Curry is kind of a “do it by guess-and-by-gosh” (to quote my mom) recipe. The one I’m putting up can easily be modified, but is one that my four best friends and I LOVE. It’s our favorite “family dinner” meal to make together. We all have somewhat different tastes, but this one we can always agree on these ingredients. Not to mention we love the fact that when splitting the cost it’s really inexpensive, provides some leftovers, and is super healthy! We also have the option of making it a light or hearty meal depending on our mood or day of the week (i.e. is it a weeknight meal, or are we having it before going out on weekends?). Simply by choosing whether or not to add meat, dipping bread in it, or having it over rice can change the whole vibe of the meal. Literally the possibilities are endless.This definitely is a nontraditional curry recipe. I would never claim it to be an authentic Asian meal; it is an eclectic mix of all our favorite types of curry merged into one. But, in my opinion that’s one of the beauties of making meals like this at home—you get to be creative and incorporate ingredients in a way you could never find outside your home.

This is a variation on Rachael Ray's Curry in a Hurry.

Ingredients You'll Need

-Raw Ginger Root
-One Large Yellow Onion
-Butter or Margarine (about a tablespoon)
-Cumin (at least a couple teaspoons worth)
-Yellow Curry Powder (at least a couple tablespoons worth)
-32 oz Chicken Broth (I always buy reduced sodium)—you may want to have some extra on hand
-Cinnamon stick (optional)
-2-4 Apples (depending on size)—we like Fiji
-2-3 Bell Peppers (depending on size)—we usually do one yellow and one orange
-Dried Apricots
-Chicken Breast (optional)—tofu, shrimp, or even pork are also good; but this is fantastic without any form of “protein” too
-Regular or Sweet Potatoes (optional)—we usually only do potatoes if we don’t do rice, but potatoes on rice does tastes great!
-Rice (optional)—my mom and I think jasmine rice is the best with curry, but really any rice works
-Possibly a couple of tablespoons of flour

Toppings (all optional): Dry Roasted Peanuts, Craisins, Mango Chutney (usually found in the marinade aisle), Shredded Coconut


If you’re making the curry with chicken (or any meat) you want to make that first. Cook it in whatever fashion you want—in butter, olive oil, etc; but you don’t need to flavor the chicken itself. It cooks much faster if you slice it into bite size pieces before you begin cooking it. Make sure it’s cooked at least 95% of the way through—it will continue cooking while simmering in the curry later.

If you’re putting the curry over rice, I would start it at this point too because rice can always sit and wait.

Begin by prepping all your ingredients.

Slice the onions—peel, cut in half, slice to whatever width you desire.

Now, the ginger root—the most obnoxious/time consuming part of preparing this meal…I’m not kidding. Depending on the amount of heat you want is what dictates how much you want…usually about a 2-inch chunk. Peel it, thinly slice it, and then finely chop it.

If you have multiple hands in the kitchen you can start sauteing the ginger and onion while you continue to chop the other ingredients. If it’s just you in the kitchen you probably want to prepare everything first to make things easier.

You do need a large pan for this meal.

Throw about a tablespoon of butter or margarine in the bottom of the pan. Before you do this though, I still recommend using a little non-stick cooking spray too just to make the clean up easier. Turn the stove to medium heat, add the onions and ginger.

Let the onions sweat for a few minutes, until they’re a little more tender. Then add just a few ounces of the chicken broth, the cumin, curry powder, and a cinnamon stick. This is when the guessing game kind of begins. I tend to start with 1/2-1 teaspoon of cumin, and 1-1 & 1/2 heaping tablespoons of the curry powder.

Mix this together, throw in the cinnamon stick, and just let it chill while you chop the rest of the ingredients.

Chop the apples in bite-size pieces, with the peels left on. If using potatoes, obviously you need to peel those, but again, bite size pieces. Slice and cut the peppers to roughly the same size…but I always feel like peppers are tricky to get the perfect size.

Once everything is chopped you can add the remaining chicken broth to the pan. This is also when you would add the chicken, or other meat, if using it. Then add the potatoes.

Throw a lid on your pan, and let it simmer for about 10 minutes, until the potatoes get slightly softer. Once they are just slightly tender you can add the peppers—this is actually a judgment call for peppers vs. apples. If the apples are on the softer side they should go in last, especially since peppers tend to take longer to cook, but sometimes apples are really hard and their firmness will beat out that of the peppers. But, again, put the lid back on, and let sit for about 10 minutes.

Add the apples.

You’re almost finished! Now take a small handful of dried apricots, quarter them, and throw them in as well. This is the part where you get to do a little taste testing. Taste the broth and see if it has enough spice for you.

If you feel it needs more spice start by adding 1/2 teaspoon of cumin and 1/2 tablespoon of the curry powder at a time. Tasting in between each addition.

Once you have the spices about where you want them put the lid back on and simmer on medium-low until the vegetables and fruit have the consistency you want. If you are feeling exceptionally patient and can wait a little longer for your dinner, turn the heat to low and let it simmer even longer. This definitely will improve the flavor.

If you want thicker curry, throw a couple tablespoons of flour in there and let it simmer some more.

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