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“We finally get to go!” I exclaimed to myself. I couldn’t believe the day was finally here. Maybe if I’d known how this day would end up, I would’ve just stayed in bed!

Today was the day that my best friends (Addie, Morgan and Joy) and I were going to go tubing for Joy’s birthday. We’d been planning it for about two months, so we’d all been looking forward to it for a while. We were doing something special, since Joy was turning 13 on the 13th. After we went tubing in the Farmington River, we were going to go back to her house and sleep over. I was a little bit nervous, when Joy picked me up, since the news said there might be thunderstorms. I wasn’t that nervous since I didn’t see any storm clouds. How could it rain if there weren’t storm clouds? When I got into the car, Addie and Morgan and, of course, Joy since her dad was the one picking us up. We all chatted excitedly until we got to the tubing company.

We had to go up to the workers first and give them the paper that we and our parents signed, saying that we wouldn’t sue them if we got hurt. It made me slightly nervous that we had to actually sign things like that, it meant there was a chance I could actually get seriously injured! I brushed it off though, if so many people did it, it couldn’t be too dangerous. After that, we went over to get the tubes we were going to use in the river.

“Step forward if you’re 90 pounds or less,” the worker instructed. I was the only one out of the four of us to step forward. We all giggled and I blushed. They were always calling me small, since I was short and barely weighed anything. They got tubes the next weight class up. After that they told us to go into the river, and we’d know we were at the end when we saw a blue tube hanging in a tree. Then there would be a path, and we should go up, and walk until we saw the bus stop. Then we were supposed to wait there until the bus came to take us back up, to where Joy’s dad was parked.

“Any questions?” the employee asked. We all shook our heads, it seemed pretty self explanatory. At the time, I was really shocked. I thought there’d be more supervision. I grinned, it would be private, so it would be more fun. Besides, it seemed simple enough. If only we’d known, how complicated it would turn out to be, we would’ve never even stepped foot in the river.

We got into the river, slowly one by one, each time we held each other’s hands, so we wouldn’t drift apart. We’d decided to do this before, since we all wanted to stay together.

“Don’t let go!” Joy called as we started to float off in the river. We were all a little scared at first but quickly calmed down, and enjoyed the ride. I was getting very nervous though, when I noticed some gray clouds in the sky. I didn’t even want to think about what would happen if it started thundering. I pushed the thought out of my mind as we started down the first set of rapids; we were told there would be three.

“Hold on, guys!” Morgan called over the rushing water. We all nodded in agreement as we were pulled into the first set of rapids. They weren’t very intense, however they were lots of fun. We kept chatting happily as we glided gently down the river, getting excited every time rapids came along, or even just a little current. The trip was going really well until Addie said,

“I think I felt a drop of water,” in an anxious voice. We all looked at her, since we heard the news. We waited a little while, and each of us felt a few more drops.

“It’s just a few drops of rain. It’ll be alright guys,” I reassured, but even as I said it, I wasn’t sure if I quite believed it myself. We all kept going down the river uneasily. It was quickly starting to downpour.

“As long as there isn’t any thunder, we should be fine,” I said reasonably, ironically almost immediately after I said that, it starting raining really hard, like it would in a thunderstorm. Again, I was trying to be reassuring, but I was a little uneasy. Everyone agreed, but I could tell we were all afraid. A few minutes later, lightning flew across the sky and thunder boomed and shook. We all shrieked, terrified.

“Guys, we should get out of the water,” Morgan said.

“But, we’re supposed to stay in the water. That’s what the instructor told us,” I protested uncertainly.

“It’s thundering, and we’re in the water!” she shouted back. I wasn’t offended, we were all scared.

“Okay, if we hear thunder again, we’ll get out of the water,” I shouted over the rain. It was getting really loud. I could feel the water rising around me, and the pull of river getting stronger. Both of these facts horrified me. I tried to convince myself it was all in my head, but I knew that it wasn’t.

Everyone agreed to my suggestion. We all sat in silence for a few moments. The happy, carefree feeling that we all had earlier in the trip was completely gone. It was replaced by a rapidly growing fear, that was clearly visible in everybody’s eyes. After only a few moments thunder boomed again, like a bass drum, hit right in our ears. We all screamed again, and quickly swam to the side of the river where there was a little path. It seemed perfect. After we were all out, I shook a little. Partly from the cold, but I can’t deny that the other part was from fear. I tightly gripped my red rubber tube and we started to walk by the edge of the river.

When the thunder roared again, we couldn’t contain our shrieks. We all knew it was coming, but that didn’t stop our reactions. Morgan, who was in the front starting running up, and away from the river.

“Are you sure we should go away from the river?” Addie shouted over the noise.

“We’re in the woods. Next to a river. Soaking wet. In a thunderstorm, let’s get away from the water!” I exclaimed, too terrified to remember to look for the blue tube. There was a little voice in the back of my head, telling me to be careful, that I was scared, and fear could change the way I think.

We ran up a path, for a while, and whenever we took a turn I was careful to point out some “landmarks” like a shoe, or a piece of rubber, or even a certain indent in the road. I figured we needed something, in case we decided to turn back around. After a while we couldn’t hadn’t seen the river in a long time, and were just walking. We all stepped together in time, our feet pounding against the dirt. At this point, we were less concentrated on getting away from the water, and were a little bit calmer, so we could think a bit better.

“Should we try and find the river?” I asked. They all looked a bit unsure. None of us wanted to go back there, but we had to go back and find the blue tube so we could get to the bus, and finally end this horrific nightmare. If only we’d known, the worst hadn’t even happened yet. We finally decided it was time to turn around. I didn’t remember a few of the turns, but thankfully, the ones Morgan and I didn’t, Addie and Joy did. I was both relieved and horrified when we saw the river again.

“Which way do we go?” I questioned.

“We can check the little maps on our tubes,” Addie suggested. This seemed like a good idea. We looked for a while, before I discovered something truly terrifying. We all seemed realize it at the same time.

“Guys,” I said, in shock, “We’re on the wrong side. We have to cross the river,” Just the thought of going back in the river, was enough to make me tear up, and get a huge lump in my throat. I started shaking in fear. I was hoping that, just maybe, I was wrong, and we didn’t have to cross the river. Joy and Addie both noticed something that, sadly, proved me right. The traffic and cars were on the other side. If we wanted to get to the bus, we had to cross the river. We had to go back in.

I took a deep breath and went back into the icy water. Immediately, we all noticed how much the water had rose. It was up to our chests the second we walked in! We swam for a little bit, the river wasn’t very wide at all, but the current was pulling at us and the water was pretty high. None of us could touch the ground. I wanted to stop swimming. I was so tired, I thought it would be better just to stop. I just wanted to rest.

“Swim! We have to keep going! What are you thinking?” Morgan called back horrified, when I begged to rest for a just a little bit. I knew we couldn’t rest or the river would pull us farther down. Nevertheless, resting was what I wanted. I pushed through, I kept swimming, even though every muscle and bone in my body ached.

I finally reached the other side, and felt like crying with relief. Morgan had already made it. Addie was almost there. Joy wasn’t though. I didn’t understand what was happening, she was stuck somehow, and the current had pulled her further down. She wasn’t able to swim. I was so terrified that everything was kind of a blur. It was like my mind was numb, and I couldn’t really process anything. Things were happening around me, but I wasn’t reacting. I was vaguely aware of Addie calling for me to help and Morgan going back in to help Joy. It wasn’t sinking in though. Then it hit me. Help. She needed help.

I couldn’t go back in the water, I couldn’t! That was all I could think. I needed to help Addie though, she couldn’t reach the shore all the way. Once I could force myself to move, and react, and thrust my tube into the water, and told her to grab on. At least I didn’t need to go back in the water. She held on, and pulled her in a little with it. When she close enough to reach my hand, I pulled her in with that. Soon we were both sitting on the edge of the river. By this time, Morgan had been able to help Joy, Addie and I used our tubes and hands to get them on the shore. By this time I had already cried a little, and was shaking even more. This time it was a little less fear, and a little more cold. A small victory, which I was too tired to recognize at the moment.

We started to walk up the hill, not really being careful around bushes with thorns or anything. At this point, we were just ready for it to be over. We all had scrapes, and scratches all over our knees and legs, but we didn’t stop until we reached the road. I was so happy, the worst was finally over. We were almost there.

We were walking for a while, but Addie and Joy thought we were going to the wrong way. I couldn’t really see, but I was pretty sure we were walking in the right direction, according to which way the river was going. Morgan thought so too. After a bit, we saw a couple get out with their tubes, but they were walking the opposite direction we were. After briefly talking to them, we realised we were going the wrong way. Addie and Joy were right. No one felt like saying that though, we were just happy that we knew we were going the right way this time. We were so close. After walking for a little bit longer, we noticed the blue tube hanging in a tree, way down by the river.

“We are so making some nachos when we get to your house, Joy,” Morgan said, lightening the mood.

“Oh, of course,” Joy replied, “We’ve earned it,”

Part of me was excited that we really were going the right way. The other part was upset that we’d gone past the tube in the first place. We’d gone too far, done more than we needed to. The couple was going to call someone for us, but right then we saw the bus stop. We all screamed excitedly, making the couple laugh. We quickly thanked them, and took off running towards the bus stop. We only had to wait for less than a minute, before blue bus showed up. We jumped up and down, waving our arms, just in case the bus missed us. The couple, again, laughed at our enthusiasm. It stopped in front of us, and we smiled from ear to ear as we stepped on.

“We got the last ones,” the bus driver said into the radio. Hearing this, my smile widned even more, no one else was out there. Everyone was safe. We were safe. It was over. We were on the bus, safe, and it was all over. This whole nightmare, was all over.

Joy said something about us almost dying and we all had a loud conversation about it. The other people on the bus were laughing at how dramatic we were being. None of us cared. We weren’t being that dramatic. Joy had almost drowned, as I later found out, when I could process things better. Their laughing, just made me laugh. I was in the mood, where every little thing made me happy. I was completely grateful and content. Just sitting on this bus, made me happier than I could ever think. Just a simple thing like this seemed like an amazing miracle.

Soon the bus dropped us off back where Joy’s dad was. We ran off the bus, and met her dad who was waiting there. We all climbed in the car and relayed the whole story to him. By the time we finished and added every little detail, we were back at her house.

Our crazy, adventure of tubing in that thunderstorm, was over. Totally, and completely. How had the day ended so differently than it began? I had been so excited, then terrified, then just plain happy. Now it’s all in the past, just a crazy story, that I’ll get to retell. I’ll definitely never go tubing again, if there is even a chance of a thunderstorm. Maybe I’ll never go tubing again, period. Only time will tell.

“C’mon,” Joy said as her dad parked the car her driveway, “Let’s go make some nachos.” I grinned and followed my best friends inside.

Submitted by: "Lily B."

Ingredients You'll Need

1 bag of tortilla chips
2 cups sharp cheddar and mozzarella
1 onion, diced
1 green onion
1 can of chopped olives
4 medium tomatoes
1 lb. sauteed ground beef
1 can re-fried beans
1 package of taco seasoning


take a piece of foil and put it on a baking sheet

turn your oven to 375.

put that chips on.

add on the meat and beans.

sprinkle on the onions and cheese.

add the olives.

bake for 10 minutes or until cheese is melted.

take it out, put on a bit more cheese, green onions, olives and tomatoes. bake for 3-5 more minutes, until the cheese is bubbly and melted.

Serve with guacamole, salsa and sour cream.

Source: family recipe

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