Alexander's Extreme Peppermint Dark Hot Chocolate
  • Cooking Time: 28-30 minutes
  • Servings: 18 mugs full
  • Preparation Time: 3-7 minutes
  • 2-3 bags Dark chocolate chips
  • 1 ¾ gallons Chocolate milk
  • 2 containers of Peppermint Extract
  • 3-4 bags Crushed hard peppermint candies
  • 3 cans Whipped Cream {Optional}
  • 3-4 1/3 bottles Dark Chocolate Syrup
  • 4 containers of Chocolate sprinkles
  • 5 bags of Mini marshmallows
  1. Fill 16-18 mugs with chocolate milk.
  2. Heat chocolate milk filled microwavable Mugs or Cups.
  3. Add 2 handfuls Dark chocolate chips to heated chocolate milk.
  4. Stir Dark chocolate chips in heated chocolate milk until it is liquidized.
  5. Add 2 Cups crushed hard peppermint candies to heated chocolate milk.
  6. Stir in crushed hard peppermint candies into the heated chocolate milk.
  7. Stir 2 whole tablespoons of peppermint extract into each heated chocolate milk filled mug or cup.
  8. Put a decent amount of whipped cream on the top of each heated chocolate milk filled mug or cup if desired.
  9. Top with a handful of marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles.
  10. Enjoy!
Perfect Mixture of Chocolate & Mint Flavor all at once!