Bacon & Egg Grilled Cheese
  • Servings: 1
  • Ingredients for 1 sandwich
  • 4 slices bacon, cook & drain
  • 1 egg, yolk cooked semi-soft
  • 2 slices white bread or bread of choice
  • 2 slices colby cheese or cheese of choice
  • sliced green onions
  • butter
  1. Fry the bacon until crispy. Drain on paper towels and set aside.
  2. Fry the egg leaving the yolk semi-soft if you like it that way.
  3. Butter one side of each piece of bread. Assemble the sandwich with the cheese, bacon, egg and green onions. When I added my egg I broke the yolk, spreading it around.
  4. Heat your flat griddle or skillet, spraying it with cooking spray and place the sandwich, buttered side down and cook until browned. Flip carefully and cook the other side.
  5. Serve.
Good Morning Sunshine! It's been a long winter! My family and I were sitting here saying, "we were hungry" so I went thru the run down of what I had in the fridge that were breakfast items! I had bacon, eggs, colby cheese, green onions and bread! Waa-Laa, my hubby says, "Bacon & Egg Grilled Cheese without green onions" and that was to be expected! He is finicky about what he likes onions on and this wasn't one but that's OK, I left the onions off of his! I like over easy eggs and my hubby likes them a little more done than over easy but that's what is so good about making this! You can make each individual egg the way you want to!