Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers
  • Jalapenos, Sliced In Rings And Deseeded/de-veined
  • Cream Cheese
  • Bacon, Cut In Half Or Thirds Depending On Size
  1. *Spread cream cheese into each jalapeno slice
  2. *Wrap in bacon slices and secured with toothpicks (use the cheap bacon, not the thick cut - it works better and the other stuff - not only takes so much longer to cook, it completely cuts out any spice from the jalapenos)
  3. *Place wrapped-stuffed jalapenos on preheated BBQ grill and cook, turning often to fully cook bacon on all sides
  4. Recipe Tips:
  5. *Depending on how many you are feeding is how much of the ingredients. *Generally we use 1 pkg of bacon which is about 9-12 jalapenos, depending on size; and less than a full pkg of cream cheese (sometimes we double this for larger crowds)
  6. *Pre-cooking the bacon makes the grilling go SO much faster - don't cook all the way, just until shrinks a little...microwaving for a few minutes works great too
  7. *These are great to cook on top shelf of grill while you are grilling other items or turn off one burner of the bbq and place on the off portion….will prevent fire
"Rich Bowlin first showed us how to make these and ever since we make them about every chance we get...the key is turning them like crazy in order to crispify the bacon all over. It takes some babysitting, but well worth it!" ~ Chris & Judy