Best Boiled Egg
  • Cooking Time: 10
  • Servings: 1
  • Preparation Time: 1
  • 1 egg ( or as many as you want)
  • water
  1. 1. Fill water in sauce pan, enough to cover an egg. You can place an egg in sauce pan to measure water amount.
  2. Note: This action will help bring egg temperature to water level.
  3. 2. Place sauce pan (without egg in it) on cook top and turn heat to high.
  4. 3. When the water reaches to warm temperature (about 50 degrees celsius), place egg in the warm water for about 30 seconds and then take the egg out.
  5. Note: This is to bring the egg temperature to warm so egg shell will not crack when boiling.
  6. 4. Once the water starts bobbling, place the egg in the water and then turn the heat down to a point that water still bobbling slowly.
  7. Note: Control the heat at this point is crucial, we don't want a lot of bobbling; we want to have enough heat to keep the bobbling going slowly.
  8. 5. Start the timer when you place the egg into boiled bobbling water; cook the egg for 7 minutes and 30 seconds.
  9. 6. When time is up, take the entire pan to sink and cool it down with running cold water.
  10. 7. Once egg temperature is cooled down to warm or cold, your choice, you can crack the egg and enjoy the simple boiled egg.
  11. You have to try the boiled egg with sprinkle of salt, at least once, it is amazing.
I remember this from my English teacher from high school during an off topic conversation. At first, I did not believe it. Once I tried it out, I cannot boil my eggs any other way. Submitted by: "Jamie Lin"