Broiled Tomato with Morzella
  • fresh tomato - cored and cut in half horizonally
  • fresh morzella cheese cut in 1/4 inch slices (it's easier to slice if you place it in the freezer for 20 mins first)
  • fig and meyer lemon balsamic vinegar - abount 1/2 teaspoon per tomato half
  • fresh oregno stemmed and roughly chopped or leave the leaves whole.
  1. Place a slice of cheese on the top of each tomato half and broil until the cheese bubbles and starts to brown. Sprinkle with vinegar and oregno and enjoy.
I found a twist on the clasic caprese salad using a meyer lemon olive oil. Of course this is not meyer lemon season so I went to Williams Sanoma to see what they had. No luck with the oil but I found a fig and meyer lemon balsamic vinegar. The tomatoes I had were less than perfect so I decided to broil them to concentrate the flavor. My hero suggested I use fresh oregno instead of basil after tasting the vinegar and below is the result.