• Cooking Time: 10 min
  • Servings: 8-10
  • Preparation Time: 40 min
  • dark chocolate 180 g
  • butter 180 g
  • eggs 3 pcs.
  • flour 75 g
  • sugar 300 g
  • salt 1/4 tsp
  1. Butter and chocolate need to be melted, for this we break the chocolate into pieces and put it together with the butter in a container in which we will melt them.
  2. Melt chocolate with butter in a water bath or in a microwave. If using a microwave, heat the chocolate mass gently so as not to overheat the chocolate, otherwise it may curl. To prevent this from happening, take the dishes with butter and chocolate from the microwave every 10-15 seconds and mix thoroughly until a homogeneous mass is obtained. If it turned out to be very hot, we cool it.
  3. Wash the eggs so that the dirt from the shell does not get into our dough, and beat it into a bowl for whipping. Add sugar and salt there.
  4. Mix the eggs with salt and sugar until smooth and completely dissolve the sugar and salt. Do not be too zealous, we are not faced with the task of getting a thick lush foam, you just need to mix everything until smooth. It’s not even necessary to use a mixer, you can mix everything with a regular whisk or even just with a fork.
  5. Add the cooled chocolate-butter mixture to the egg mass, mix
  6. That's about the consistency of the dough we should get.
  7. We cover the baking dish with parchment (I do not recommend skipping this moment, otherwise it will be very difficult for you to listen to the brownies from the form) and pour our dough into it. I used a mold measuring 22x30cm. The dough layer should not be very large, the optimal height of the dough in the mold should be about 2-3 cm
  8. We put the form in an oven preheated to 175 ° C for 30-35 minutes. My cat Hunter strictly monitors this process.
  9. To make brownies with a moist center, it is important not to miss the time and pull them out of the oven in time. Therefore, closer to the end of baking, start checking readiness with a toothpick. You need to catch the moment when the middle has ceased to be liquid, but the toothpick still has a little wet dough (as in the photo), immediately remove the form from the oven, the brownies are ready. It is important not to overexpose it, if the toothpick comes out dry, then you will not be able to get a wet middle.
  10. Allow the brownies to cool completely, and only then cut into squares. You can also put them in the refrigerator for several hours, cold brownies will have a completely different texture than warm ones. Warm brownies are more crumbly, more like a moist dense biscuit, and cold ones have a more viscous and dense structure. This, of course, is a matter of taste, but I like brownies aged several hours in the refrigerator more.
  11. Our brownies are ready, they turned out super chocolate-chocolate. Look at how thin crumbling crust and very wet middle turned out. And if you want an even more liquid chocolate middle, then here is a recipe for chocolate fondant. Enjoy and bon appetit!
Today's recipe for all chocolate lovers, we will cook brownies. Brownie (from the English brownie, from brown - brown) is a very chocolate dessert, originally from America. Traditionally, chocolate brownies are baked in large form, and only then they are cut into portioned squares or rectangles. There are various options for the preparation of these cakes, with various additives and completely different consistencies. Often, due to prolonged beating of eggs or adding a baking powder to the dough, the cakes are too airy and porous and look more like just a chocolate biscuit. In a more classic version, brownies are super-chocolate cakes with a dense, moist texture and a thin crisp. We will prepare the second option, because, in my opinion, airy chocolate muffin is still not really brownie. Once again, our version of brownie does not contain soda and baking powder. The mass should not rise during baking, it should not be airy, but rather should be dense and moist. You can also diversify your brownies by adding any nuts to the dough, fried and chopped hazelnuts or walnuts are perfect here. The recipe for this brownie is very simple, there are no complicated processes that you can’t cope with, and I, in turn, tried to describe in detail all the nuances. And, of course, step-by-step photos of the entire cooking process to help you.