Buffalo Chicken Nuggets ----SOOOO GOOD!
  • Approx 6 tenderloins or breasts depending on what you have available
  • Italian Seasoned breadcrumbs
  • buttermilk
  • Franks hot sauce
  • one pad of butter
  1. I cubed the chicken into bite size nuggets, then I let them soak in the buttermilk while I get my oil preheating.
  2. I had the oil just deep enough to submerge the nuggets in) I used canola oil.
  3. After they had soaked and my pan was heated to med high, I then dredged the nuggets in the breadcrumbs and dropped one at a time into the pan ( 8 to a pan usually) so the oil stays hot.
  4. In another pan I emptied my hotsauce and butter ( helps it stick to nuggets) heated and set aside.
  5. Once the nuggets had been turned once and were golden brown I laid them on a papertowel to get off any excess grease.
  6. Then quickly tossed them in the hotsauce with a slotted spoon and then got them out of the sauce. (they will get mushy if you leave in the hotsauce too long)
  7. I served this in less than 20 minutes... SO yummy!
My husband and I both love wings, but hate the mess. I created this recipe to enjoy my wings with a fork! This recipe is so easy!