Campfire Cinnamon Roll
  • *(1) Tube of premade cinnamon rolls, with icing (uncooked, from grocery store refrigerator section)
  • *Roasting Skewer/Stick
  1. Open the package of premade, uncooked cinnamon rolls
  2. Separate cinnamon rolls
  3. Place one cinnamon roll per roasting skewer by sliding the skewer through the center of the roll
  4. Make sure cinnamon roll is pushed down the skewer tongs so the roll does not fall off while cooking
  5. Roast over a campfire for about 3 minutes per side until cooked to desired ooey-gooey goodness (cooking time depends on the campfire heat)
  6. When done cooking, top with provided icing and enjoy!
  7. Make sure roll is slid down the prongs of the roasting skewer so it doesn’t fall off while cooking
Perfect campfire breakfast! Easy and good!