Carrot & Hummus On Crackers
  • Servings: Many!
  • Preparation Time: 5 min (if your hummus is ready)
  • 1 batch of hummus of your choice
  • (Check out our acorn squash hummus for a change)
  • As many crackers as you want
  • Root veggies of choice (carrots, daikon, watermelon radish, beet, etc.), thinly sliced in round slices or cut in shape of choice (heart, tree, pumpkin, etc.)
  • Note: You can also grate your veggies.
  1. Take a cracker. Spread some hummus on it. Top with cut veggies. Eat. And voilà! So quick, so fun, so good!
FEATURING: Carrots, watermelon radish (or daikon) or any other crunchy root vegetable of your choice.   These days, our kids and us have been loving munching on some crackers (or melba toasts) on which we layer hummus and top with a slice of carrot or other favourite crunchy root veggie of choice. This week-end, I decided to get fancy and grated some root veggies for some crackers, and cut heart and Xmas trees shaped vegetable slices on other. I also used my acorn squash hummus recipe. Kids loved these!