Catfish and Chili
  • Cooking Time: 20
  • Catfish fillet (amount per person calculated by interest!)
  • butter
  • pepper and chili in grinder
  • For the vegetable purée:
  • Spring onion
  • green paprika
  • some mushroom
  • I use ready-made Hollandaice sause
  • Rice
  1. How to: Chop the vegetables in small pieces, fry in butter. Add a small amount of freshly ground pepper - then move them to the hollandaice sauce.
  2. Start the rice.
  3. Slice the fish up in "beez-size" portions, fry in butter after you have sprinkled both sides with pepper and chili mix.
  4. Serve.
I have been discussing the preparation of catfish with lots of people over the years, but I think my mother is most right: Fry it in the pan - not on the grill. And so here is my little twist: Add fresh chili grounded.