Chicken Caesar Salad Light and Healthy
  • one head (3-4 cups) romaine lettuce, washed, rinsed and chopped into bite size strips
  • - one chicken breast
  • - one tbsp parmesan cheese (traditional, but I also like it with pecorino cheese!)
  1. Cook chicken breast fully (bake, broil, grill or pan fry). No need to use lots of oil here. I love those pump spray cans you can fill with olive oil and spritz directly into the pan (portion and calories control). Set chicken aside to rest or refrigerate.
  2. - Make the dressing (recipe follow and is repeated in salad dressings area as tangy cesar)
  3. - divide the romaine lettuce onto two plates and top each with with 1/2 tbsp grated cheese
  4. - slice the chicken into strips and top salads
  5. - spoon up to 2 tbps homemade dressing over each salad
  6. - pepper to taste
This is a nice, simple salad. The dressing is light and refreshing compared to the heavy creamy dressings that usually come with caesar salads. Skip the chicken and the dish is vegeterian!