Chocolate Chip Orange Scones
  • 4c AP flour
  • 2tbsp sugar
  • 2tbsp baking powder
  • 2tsp salt
  • 3/4lb cold unsalted butter (cubed)
  • 3 large eggs lightly beaten
  • 1c cold half and half or heavy cream
  • 1c bittersweet chocolate chips
  • zest of 1 small orange (Florida Navels are the best!)
  • raw sugar for sprinkling
  1. Preheat oven to 365 F.
  2. Combine first 5 ingredients in the bowl of an electric mixer with paddle attachment and mix until butter is the size of small peas. Incorporate chips and zest. Combine eggs and half and half, and add slowly until a sticky dough forms (more, or less of the liquid may be needed), do not overmix. Scoop out onto greased or parchment lined baking sheets with a large ice cream scoop, sprinkle with raw sugar, and bake at 365 degrees for about 25 minutes. (May also be turned out onto a floured surface, formed into a flat log, and cut into traditional triangle shapes)
The combo of a good quality dark chocolate and orange is awesome. This is a scaled down version of the scones that I make every morning at work.