Coffee Chicken aka 'Alicious Crocodile'
  • One cut-up fryer chicken, or your choice of chicken pieces (we like legs at our house)
  • Oil to brown chicken in
  • Peeled and quartered potatos (you could leave skins on if you wanted)
  • Brewed coffee, hot or cold (NOT flavored coffees)
  • Salt & Pepper, or Natures Seasons blend
  1. Brown chicken well, as it will be steamed during the latter portion of cooking, and would appear pale/icky, season to taste. If browning in main pot, remove chicken when brown and pour off oil. Place potatos in pot and add brewed coffee to just UNDER the tops (so there are places for the chicken to rest and not be immersed in the liquid.) Season to taste, then place browned chicken on top of the potatos. Cover pot, and bring to a boil, then reduce heat and cook till potatos are done. We serve it straight from the cooking pot, with a slotted spoon for potatos, and a ladle for the yummy broth/gravy to put over them.
This is a recipe my mother got from a family friend years ago, and when one of my grandsons was about 2 yrs. old I made it for us for dinner one night when I was babysitting him. During the meal he told me "Umma, this is alicious!" Later, he informed me "We're eating croc-o-DILE!" And it's been Alicious Crocodile ever since. The recipe is easily adjusted for however many you're feeding, just add more chicken and/or potatos.