Crock-pot chip dip
  • Servings: 10
  • 1 1lb roll of Jimmy Dean Sausage (regular or Italian)
  • 3 8oz packages of cream cheese
  • 8oz of salsa of your choice
  • tortilla chips
  1. Start melting cream cheese and salsa together in Crock-pot on high while you brown the sausage. Add sausage then turn down to low, will warm throughly pretty quick. Serve with tortilla chips. This is even better the next day. I always make it the day before I'm going to serve it, put the lid on it and put in the refrigerator, the day I'm going to serve it I turn the Crock-pot back on high and stir it till it's hot.
This recipe has just been passed around my office and we don't know where it came from. It's so simple and yummy. Everyone has started calling it the Heroine Dip because it's so addictive...