• Konbu - Dried kelp
  • Katsuo – bushi – dried shaved Bonita Tuna
  • Water
  1. Place 2 1/2 cups of water in a pot.
  2. Add a 3” square piece of Konbu and turn heat to high.
  3. Just before the water starts to boil, remove the Konbu and add ½ cup of cold water.
  4. Add two handfuls of Katsuo-bushi and stir.
  5. Just before the water again comes to a boil, turn off and let sit and steep for ½ hour.
  6. Do not let boil for a long time or it will go bitter.
  7. Done
Dashi is the all purpose soup base and seasoning used in Japanese cooking. Now that you know the way to make it, let me suggest that you use a powdered soup base called Dashino-moto and follow package directions. I use one made by Shiyama form Japan. If you don’t have a Japanese store handy try a Korean grocery.