Easy and Versatile Taco Salad
  • 1 Head Iceberg Lettuce – broken up/chopped
  • 1 lb Ground Meat (beef, turkey, or chicken)
  • 1 Medium Onion- diced
  • 1 Packet Taco Seasoning
  • 1c-2c. Cheddar cheese - shredded (Mexican mix or other preferred cheese would work just fine)
  • ¼- ½ c. Green Olives - halved
  • 2 Tomatoes - diced
  • 1 bag Doritos- Cheese flavored
  • 1 Bottle Catalina Dressing
  • *Everything can be prepared ahead of time but do not add the Doritos or dressing until just before serving.
  1. Brown meat with onions then add taco seasoning and prepare according to packet instructions. Set aside. (This can be done hours or the day before because the salad is served cold or at room temperature)
  2. Transfer about half of the Doritos from the bag into a gallon sized plastic bag and crush either using hands or a rolling pin
  3. Mix lettuce, cheese, olives, tomatoes, meat and Doritos together.
  4. Add enough Catalina dressing to coat salad.
This is a fan favorite at cookouts, potlucks, and events of that nature that is simple to prepare. Someone usually ends up asking for the recipe. The recipe can also be adapted to add your own flare….think beans, black olives instead of green, salsa instead of the dressing, Fritos instead of Doritos, etc. Enjoy!