Finger Paints (Squacquerella)
  • 1 packet of gelatine in sheets (have not seen these yet)
  • 6 Cups boiling water
  • 3 Cups corn starch
  • 12 tsp. sugar
  • 6 Cups cold water
  • Food Coloring
  1. Disolve the gelatine in the boiling water, put to the side. Blend the corn starch, sugar and cold water in a pan, heat until slightly solidified. Add the gelatine and blend well.
  2. Ladle the "paint" onto heavy paper. The woman who showed us had paper that was glossy on one side, and taped it down to the table, glossy side up. It's a clear/whitish gelatinous mess at this point, then drip food coloring in various spots and start to "paint". It is completely edible, great for toddlers, but does need overnight to dry, depending on how thick your toddler layers it!
  3. She also told us do not be alarmed at the large amount, you can store it, it will solidify but just re-heat with some hot water.
I received this recipe at my son's daycare here in Florence, Italy. We parents were invited to meet with a woman who comes in to the center to do phsycologically based play several times a month. The finger painting is supposed to involve the whole body and develop fine and gross motor skills. Plus, it's messy (i.e. fun!) and this recipe makes a very glossy cool finished picture. Remember it has to dry for awhile! All of the parents really had fun trying the paint, we made decorations for Christmas to hang around the school.